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3 Learning Techniques to Get 8+ band in IELTS Exam

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This is the complaint of many IELTS students as despite giving test after test, they weren’t able to get the desired band scores. This usually happens with those who are unaware of where they are making mistakes. They rely on their syllabus and skip the many factors which they should consider at the time of preparation. Yes, you read right! IELTS is something different from the common English subject that you have studied during our schooling. The study material of the IELTS is designed in such a way to prepare candidates to be effective communicators in English countries. The content of this article will enlighten the essential aspects that are must for an aspirant who wants to get desired band scores in one shot. So, let go! 


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Most of the candidates make a mistake by relying on every learning technique. It is an appreciable thing to learn new things every day but remember every person is different. Their mind and understanding power is different too. Find the correct ideas and techniques that are suitable for you. That can help you to gain more understanding. Your overall focus should be on how you can perform better. Let’s understand with the following points: 


3 Things Every Candidate Must Follow to Get 8+ band in IELTS Exam

  • A visual learning strategy 


A visual learning strategy is concerned with the person who can easily capture things just by looking at the things. You might come under that category. If it is so then start adopting this learning method in your IELTS study. Watch English videos, web series, or movies along with the English subtitles. It is quite an effective method to expand your vocabulary. You will get familiar with the international people’s accents. Subtitles help you to understand the dialogues. Read and repeat aloud to enhance your pronunciations. Make a diary of new or difficult words and build your sentences. Use it in your regular life. In this way, a visual learning strategy will be beneficial to be proficient in the English language.


This is the reason why people take the coaching from the IELTS experienced professionals. Because they have been working in their respective field for a long time and they know what the actual needs of the examiner are and where a candidate is making mistakes. We often assist our readers to take help from others or encourage them to choose the right teacher so that they will become more productive. Anyhow, IELTS is a deep subject so consult with the Best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana to take better counseling in person. 

  • A Kinaesthetic learning strategy 


In this learning method, a person interacts and moves physically to learn things effectively. You need to repeat actions and habits to learn things with ease. Cooking, playing, or dancing could be your hobby and movement makes the learning process simple. 


You can use your acting skills to learn the language. Select your favorite actor’s dialogue and start repeating it by doing actions or behavior like him. Well! This process is worthwhile but to get good band scores you need to update knowledge about the IELTS test. Therefore, surf the Best IELTS classes in Jalandhar on the internet and solve all your queries by asking their counselors. 

  • An auditory learning strategy 


This is the learning trick where a person can adapt to new things by listening to the content. If you fall under this category then we suggest you begin listening to English podcasts or audios to improve your English. You are going to hear the audio of the British speakers in the IELTS listening task. It could be in American accents, British accents or a speaker could speak differently. Listening to podcasts train your ear toward these speakers. Hence, you will not panic on the day of the exam test. 


Podcasts help you to learn new vocabulary. It is a super worthy technique to be fluent. Listen and imitate until you speak better. You do not need to sit and listen to the audios. Put headphones on while driving the car, sitting in your garden, walking on the road, running in the morning, and repeating what you listen to. Thus, it is the best usage of time. English songs are the most likely choice for many aspirants to upgrade their English abilities. 


Once you will understand the right learning method as per your strength then stick to them until the preparations. Apart from it, if you need to expand your knowledge or queries related to study VISA, world education, requirements of the international universities, or IELTS study, take reliable aid from the Best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana.




Many of you believe that the IELTS test could be prepared within a week. I repeat IELTS is different from the common English subject that we study during our schooling. It is an international language test that demands high and strict standards. You need to be committed to your study. IELTS experts suggest three months of intensive preparations to refine one band score. Intensive study is connected with the study daily for at least two hours until 3 months.