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5 Common Household Pests That Can Cause Big Problems

4 min read

The term household pests is a bit confusing. Nobody actually keeps pests at home that can be called household pests. Yet, some very commonly found pests occupy homes like they are their own personal properties. In many instances, pest problems can become so severe that homeowners can find it difficult to pass quality time. Common household pests can also vary depending on where you live.

It is important to note that commonly found pests in homes generally are the same. Similar species occupy a whole community where they then multiply and expand to every property they can. Common household pests when left unattended can be quite large problems as well. Here are some pests you should not allow to flourish at home at all:

1: Mosquitoes Can Be Painful

Everyone has been attacked by mosquitoes of some types some time in their life. Mosquitoes are known to multiply so quickly during their breeding season that controlling them can become difficult. Mosquito infestation can turn many homes and properties hard to live in when left unattended.

Mosquitoes not only suck your blood but can also grow quite quickly. These creepy blood suckers can make your night sleep not so nice. Female mosquitoes can lay eggs on the smallest of water collections or ponds. Expert pest control Vancouver service providers will tell you to remove all water collections.

Be sure to inspect the surroundings of your house or property regularly. If you find any possible puddles or potholes, make sure to properly even them out. Also, inspect your indoor plantation if you have any. Do not let mosquitoes be unchecked. They will multiply far quicker than you can get rid of them.

2: Fleas and Their Ability to Annoy

Fleas might not be Dracula cousins and not interested in your blood. Yet, their ability to annoy can be far great than mosquitoes and most pests. People might not be scared of fleas as well. But, their sheer numbers and fondness of human haired skin leads them to be the most annoying.

Also, you will find fleas very unhygienic and not so pleasant as well. A single fly on your cup can make many throw away a full cup of coffee or tea. It is important to know that fleas usually get attracted over garbage and food wastes.

Make sure to store your food waste neatly. Use bins with lids. These common household pests can annoy the life out of people, kids and pets. Also, get professional pest control Surrey service or any other ones local to you to get rid of fleas. Don’t let them grow big in population.

3: Creepy Crawlies Scary Spiders

Next come creepy crawlies scary spiders into you home. These common pests are not as dangerous as many of us believe. A common house spider isn’t venomous but can still make many people’s skin crawl. Also, spiders make webs across the property making them even more annoying.

Basements, attics and less visited places of the house can be spider web infested. Often, people come back to their home from a long vacation only to find spider webs all over. These common household pests can annoy the crap out of anyone.

If you have a scary bone for creepy crawlies, spiders will make your scream. An easy way to not let spiders grow big in population is to clean all parts of your home regularly. Clean in hidden out of view places and corners of walls as well.

4: The Dreaded Cockroaches

What about creepy crawlies that can also fly and are much, much bigger than a house spider? Well, here you have some cockroaches. These pesky crawlers can live in the most humid of environments happily. Most common spots for them are under sinks in kitchens and basement areas.

Just a sight of a cockroach can be enough to send people in a scream frenzy. You will need professional pest control Burnaby service or any other local companies to get rid of them for good. Cockroach infestation can also become a big problem fast as these multiply quite quickly.

Roaches are scary, annoying and very unhygienic. They love food too. Fresh or rotten, doesn’t really matter to them at all like most pests. These common household pests will infiltrate and infest your property if you do not have any checks for them.

5: The Omni Smelling Ants

Ants smell just about anything right! Just spill a few grains of sugar and see how quickly a whole trail of ants follows. Any house just doesn’t feel neat when you have any columns of ants on the walls. Also, ants are some of the fastest growing common household pests as well.

Ants’ removal takes quite a bit of time and effort. You will need to identify their colonies even if they are in hidden places. And yes, they are usually in hiding from view places. Deepest layers of the property will often be occupied by ants.

They will make their way into your kitchen or wherever they can find food at will. Usually, ants will also make their colonies outside your property. Since they can fit in just about any tiniest of openings, they will move in and out when they need food.