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5 skills you can learn to advance your design career

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5 skills you can learn to advance your design career.

Today, there is no lack of choices. You should work as a freelancer. Alternatively, you might enter or launch a remote design firm. Alternatively, you can do it the old-fashioned way by switching to a higher-paying in-house job. Whatever path you take, there is one major factor that will increase your pay: learning a fresh, in-demand design talent. Nowadays, people are multitasking and trying out different arenas to boost their careers. Freelance Bazar has curated five qualities to build as you advance in your design career. Any of the skills on this list is currently in high demand from employers and customers. This will allow you to earn more money in the long run and propel your career to new heights. These are the 5 ways by which you can make extra income and can advance your career in other fields.


  1. UX copywriting

UX writing is the task of generating and adding copy during the production process rather than afterward. This creates a greater connection between design and document, which will greatly increase product creation and reduce revisions. Writing and design both have the same purpose in mind: to have a straightforward path for users to follow to achieve a certain goal. You will have an advantage if you have any expertise in product design, UX design, or content development. These positions are ideal for UX copywriting. After that, you will continue to develop your abilities. The only distinction is the toolkit: authors use words to create a delightful digital experience for the consumer, while artists use graphics to create a delightful digital experience for the user. Mastering both mediums will turn you into a sought-after expert or UX blogger. Pay more attention to little bits of text in modals, tooltips, logo design, error pages, warning notifications, and buttons as you design for customers, and try to generate your text for differentiation.


  1. Coding

Writing and coding are both marketed as unicorn design skills—knowing both renders you more appealing to employers. The payoff is equally as good. Coding, like writing, allows you to produce more delightful and detailed projects. It also allows you to make your creations more engaging. Instead of showing static mockups, you should produce moving simulations and animations to demonstrate how each concept feature would function. This will assist you in eventually breaking into the website and UX/UI architecture, logo design, or even launching your product. Learning yourself to code is not as difficult as it seems. Getting underway is still difficult. So, first and foremost, take baby steps. For entertainment, try some coding games. Find and complete a basic HTML tutorial. Divide the learning process into tiny everyday activities that you can complete.


  1. Environmental graphic design

It will continue to be a valuable design talent if we live in a physical environment. EGD is a catch-all word for a variety of architecture disciplines such as navigation, placemaking, show design, logo design, interior design, and product design. EGD’s mission is to provide an efficient means of transmitting identity and knowledge to people, as well as to create wonderful physical environments that bind people to the location. As an EGD builder, you can specialize in a variety of fields, including architectural graphics, mapping, logo design, spatial branding, etc.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Any professionals naturally move into this room after completing several projects. Others undergo advanced preparation and certifications to establish a theoretical position. In the end, it all comes down to rehearsal. Aim for the stars and do not be afraid to face a creative challenge. EGD aims to accurately translate 2D designs into 3D spaces. Typically, you have a larger canvas to deal on. If the freelance blues are getting to you, this job also entails on-site customer jobs, so look at it.


  1. Augmented reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality architecture have now made it beyond the industry’s periphery and into the mainstream. Both conventional businesses and startups have recently introduced a slew of innovative products to the industry. AR architecture is a very promising environment right now, with many new opportunities. If you are working on a smartphone app and see a compelling use case for augmented reality, pitch the idea to the customer. Mention that you are looking for a new challenge and would like to create a few 3D models at a reduced cost. Illustrators may be interested in experimenting with 3D animation. Freelance Bazar would like to mention some resources for augmented reality design, and they are -Introduction to augmented reality and ARCore, Spark AR guides tutorials, Unity XR: How to build AR and VR apps specialization.



  1. Voice user interface

Another major trend is voice design. This year, as many as 30% of web searches would take place without a screen, making VUIs an appealing modern sandbox for artists. Right now, there are several computer types with which you can communicate, such as Smartphones, smartwatches, and sports equipment, Home electronics and smart appliances, a car with in-car voice recognition. VUIs, which are primarily designed for voice communications, may be primary or secondary interfaces. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. An animated image on a monitor suggests that your answer has been heard. If we talk about auditors like the Echo speaker confirms Alexa’s listening with a speech. In terms of Tactile, the Apple watch vibrates to confirm your command. As a smartphone/website designer, you might find that creating VUIs for mobile voice apps is the ideal challenge. Amazon and Google also provide a plethora of free tools and models for creating voice applications.



Technology and design trends come and go, and the market changes along with them. Our computers are becoming smarter, and you may soon be packing for a virtual reality holiday planned by a former graphic designer who mastered a new, in-demand talent. Freelance Bazar would suggest you acquire a new artistic challenge for yourself, learn a new design talent, and earn extra money. Your future self will be grateful, particularly for the money you got. It is time to brush up on your design skills and move your career to the next level.