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8 Successful Digital Marketing Strategies for Insurance Brands

4 min read
Digital marketing strategy for insurance companies

It takes a lot of time to find a perfect pitch to market your insurance product, and often it seems like a monumental task. Especially if we consider it for the individual brokers or small companies who are already breathing hard due to the day-to-day task of running a business. In addition to this, with the lack of customer data from traditional advertising methods, the return on investment is pretty low. Now people are moving towards digital advertising to find customers on the internet, which is a more efficient way of finding the perfect customer at a much lower cost. 


The insurance marketing tips campaigns can easily give you the specific data of each customer, which you need to target them individually and pitching them different policies which they require. Today we will find out how digital marketing in insurance sector can help brands widen their reach and revamp their marketing strategies. 


Insurance Marketing Tips For 2021 


1. Have A Set Buyer Persona 

Your marketing strategy needs to have a basic outline of the customer which you need for your business. With the influx of digital natives, it is more than essential to have your marketing strategy be in sync with your ideal customers. Suppose you are still looking for ways to define the persona of your customer. You need to map out their journey and identify the content which gauges their attention. It’s a great way to figure out the digital marketing strategy for insurance companies.


2. Build A User-Friendly Website 

When on the internet, you need to have a website. It works as one place where your customers will come and explore your insurance services—the information which is most prominent needs to be highly accessible for the beginner. Likewise, the navigation should be simple, and finding out the information which leads customers to the purchase path should be straightforward. 

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3. Content Needs To Highly Engaging

Whatever you create for your website or your social media presence, everything must be relevant to your audience. When a modern customer looks for a service, they compare it online. More than 78% of the customers look for appropriate content before they purchase the product. You need to ask yourself which content is most relevant to your customers, draw them closer to buying your product, and push it on multiple social channels. 


4. Chatbots Are Must 

When it comes to digital marketing, as an insurance company, you need to take care of your customers and have to be available for them throughout the day and night, which is not possible for an individual insurer. But with the help of chatbots, your website can engage with the customers and help them provide the necessary information they want at that instant. In addition to this, chatbots will take detailed requests from the customer and send them to the representative for further assistance. 


5. Get Your PPC Ads Running

PPC is a paid digital marketing for insurance companies that allows insurers instant visibility on search results and websites. With this immediate visibility, you can quickly get a high number of leads and drive out your sales fast. Your ad will only appear to those people who are looking for it. As a result, the leads you will get from these ads will give you a higher ROI quickly.


6. Brand Message Needs To Be Cohesive 

Digital marketing strategy for insurance companies needs to have a cohesive branding across multiple platforms. When your insurance company has a uniform and strong brand image, it is a great idea to improve your recall value among customers. All the future promotions you do online need to have a brand message that is already familiar to your existing clientele. 


7. Engage With Your Customers On Social Media 

Yes, digital marketing in insurance sector doesn’t put a lot of effort into social media, but indeed it is as essential as any other online segment. Each year new people are getting on board with the social media trends, and being right in your customers’ faces, you need to be on their social media platforms. In addition to this, social media is the best way to develop your brand’s identity for the targeted audience. 


8. Leverage Digital Advertising To Get Important Leads 

There are more than 25 platforms available today for insurance companies to use their digital marketing tools. You can find your leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., along with display ads on websites. Digital marketing for insurance companies can target individuals based on their age, locality, and intent. As a result, it will provide high-quality leads. 



These are some of the essential tips for digital marketing for insurance companies. These eight digital marketing insurance strategies should give you a significant turnaround on your sales numbers, if you play your cards right.