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9 Habits That Are Destroying Your Spine Health

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The spine is one of the essential organs of our body, the health of which directly affects the state of not only the back but also many internal organs. Pinching or curvature of various parts of the spine can lead to impaired blood circulation.

And ultimately result in heart disease, deterioration of the brain, digestion, and the development of other diseases. So check to see if there are any habits in your arsenal that subtly, day after day, destroy the spine – and get rid of them immediately!

Daily Habits That Destroy Our Spine Health 

Our activities and habits that we repeat on a regular basis can literally affect our health. So here is the list of habits you need to give up if you want to have a strengthened spine.

1.     Smoking Regularly

Smoking badly affects not only our cardiovascular system but also the spine and can cause premature degeneration of the vertebral discs. The fact is that this habit interferes with the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the discs. As a result, it leads to dehydration and a lack of essential nutrients, and later to destruction.

Therefore, the longer you smoke, the worse your spine gets. Therefore, you need to give up smoking if you want to improve your health, especially your spine health. It might take some willpower and effort but trust us; results will be worth it.

2.     Drinking Alcohol More Often

The health of the spine gets affected if you consume alcoholic drinks excessively. Due to alcohol, the blood flow to the spinal area decreases, which causes an increase in pain sensitivity and delayed healing.

Besides, not many people know, but excessive consumption can cause a spinal shift. Due to it, you feel pain in your spine every time you turn or move. Like the impaired heart and liver functioning, addiction to alcohol can damage your spine too. You need to contact rehab centers to give up addiction and restore your well-being.

Do not worry about the treatment expenses, as many health insurances can help in this regard. One such example is United Healthcare insurance coverage for addiction treatment that aids addicts to become sober.

3.     Avoiding Dairy Products

Calcium is important for bone health – especially after 45-50 years of age. The simplest and most affordable source of this beneficial element remains dairy products. Thus, by refusing them, we jeopardize bone strength and increase the risk of developing osteoporosis at an older age.

But if you are forced to cut lactose for medical reasons, you should increase your intake of leafy green vegetables and canned fish. Remember, before the age of 50, we must receive at least 1000 mg of calcium daily, and after 50 – 1200 mg or more.

4.     Slouching Habit

Mom was right: you have to sit straight at the table and keep your posture in any situation. The older we get, the more difficult it is for us to keep our backs straight. But it is at an older age that a straight spine is especially important for us.

Otherwise, the load on the internal organs increases significantly. Therefore, after 30 years, it is worth r doing yoga regularly and other practices aimed at stretching and straightening the spine.

5.     Smartphone Addiction

Too frequent and prolonged use of a smartphone can also have a bad effect on the condition of the spine. When we talk with our shoulder on the phone or just spend a lot of time leaning over the screen, we increase the load on the upper spine. Over time, this can even lead to the displacement of the discs and severe distortion – remember this!

Some signs that you are suffering from a spinal problem are regular neck and back pain. Thus, minimize the time you spend on the screen to notice a good change in health. Remember that along with spine problems; smartphone addiction can damage your overall health too.

6.     Sedentary Work

If your job involves spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, then you definitely need to take care of your spine. First, small breaks should be taken every hour for gymnastics and warm-ups. Secondly, it is worth doing exercises several times a day to prevent pain in the cervical and collar spine.

Finally, consider swapping out your chair for a fitball – and sitting on it for at least an hour a day. This will not only help to strengthen the spine but also allow you to fight excess weight. Another easy way to avoid any health problem from sedentary work is to walk around your office more often.

7.     Drinking Lots of Coffee

Coffee is a great drink and can provide great health benefits, but it’s important to remember that caffeine literally flushes calcium out of our bones, increasing the risk of fractures. This means that your spine health is in great danger if you continue drinking lots of coffee daily. However, if you don’t want to give up coffee, make sure you have enough calcium-rich foods in your diet.

8.     Love For Big Bags

If you are used to matching your outfits with large bags, your spine can be in great danger. The larger the bag, the higher the temptation to fill it with various necessary items, and the higher the load on the spine will be. Replace it with a smaller model or switch to backpacks that will help to reduce the load.

9.     Wearing High Heels

Yes, high and thin heels are still enemy number one for our spine. If you’re not ready to give up high-heeled shoes altogether (although doctors advise those who truly care about their health to do just that), at least reduce the frequency of wearing them. The rest of the time, give preference to shoes and boots with comfortable soles or very small and stable heels.

Take Away

Like other parts of the body, our spine also requires special care, or otherwise, its functioning would get impaired. As a result, a person becomes unable to walk, move, or even sit with an impaired spine. Thus, you need to give up the habits mentioned above in the article to strengthen your spine and live healthily.