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Aim to Train Executives in Education Fields of Sustainable Development

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  •  Environmental Management – Risks and Environment of the University of Le Havre
  • Conservation management and ecosystem restoration at the University of Lorraine
  • Environmental engineering and management of sustainable development at the University of Troyes

Training in Engineering School and Business School

The engineer profile is generally the most sought after in sustainable development professions. Logically, Engineering Schools are the preferred route.

Among engineering schools, it is important to distinguish general schools from specialist schools. Most often, the themes of sustainable development are integrated in the form of specialization in general schools.

For example, the National School of Chemistry in Montpellier offers a focus on “chemistry, materials, environment” from the third year. The same goes for the E. Coli Des Moines de Nancy which offers a Specialized Master in Mineral Resources Industry and Society in collaboration with Mines Aristech and Geology Nancy.

There are also engineering schools specializing in sustainable development, such as the National School of Water and Environment Engineering (ENGEES) in Strasbourg, a public school specializing in waste management and recovery.

– Business and management schools

For several years now, major business and management schools have been offering masters specializing in sustainable development, such as ESCP Europe, EDHEC or HEC.

  • MSc International Sustainability Management (Master of Science) or the MSc Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation of ESCP Europe
  • MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC which offers students the possibility of carrying out a social entrepreneurship project.
  • MBA Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Development from ISG.

There are also management schools entirely specialized in sustainable development:

  • ISEADD (Institute Superior deludes end Alter Nance du Development Durable) offers specialized Masters in work-study programs, for example in CSR, Management and Sustainable Development or even in Sustainable Management of the Humanitarian Sector and the Social and Solidarity Economy.
  • The ESI (Environment Social Impact Business School) offers a Bachelor and a Master in Green, Social & Digital Business.

Where to work in sustainable development?

Which companies and associations are recruiting? 75% of sustainable development jobs relate to water and waste management. A growing trend: companies in traditional sectors looking for profiles specializing in environmental subjects for professions in risk management, compliance with environmental standards, or as HSE Manager (Health, Safety, Environment). Here are some examples:

  • Renewable energies: Energy performance and renewable energies each represent 13% of environmental employment. More and more companies and communities are increasing the use of renewable energies for economy tuition and ecological reasons.

Examples of jobs: Climate engineering technician, renewable energy engineer, wind energy project manager.

  • Valuation of the living environment: This sector recruits for more or less qualified professions in the maintenance and protection of nature trades, revaluation of green spaces.

Examples of jobs: Maintenance worker for natural areas, expert naturalist, landscaper, town planner.

  • Sustainable agriculture: It is a sector of sustainable development in full expansion. As opposed to industrial agriculture which depletes soils and natural resources, sustainable agriculture results in practices that protect nature and the environment.

Examples of professions: Urban agriculture, agro-environmental engineer, Permaculture expert.

  • Awareness and education: This is everything related to communication in an attempt to change consumption / production patterns as well as citizens’ behavior.

Examples of jobs: Nature coordinator, energy advisor, environmental communication manager.

What are the trades in fair trade?

Here are 3 sustainable development professions:

  • Hydro biologist: The hydro biologist is an expert in aquatic environments. Its role is to identify the pollution and contaminations present in the water. To do this, he takes various samples that he then analyzes in the laboratory. After establishing his diagnosis, he thinks about solutions to improve the quality of the water and eliminate the main vectors of pollution. Through its action, it plays a fundamental role in the preservation of aquatic environments. The recommended training for this type of job is an engineering school course with a specialization in biology or a master’s degree in biology. The hydro biologist can work in a private laboratory or for the State (after competition).
  • Waste treatment engineer: His mission is to find effective solutions for waste management and treatment. The aim is to make the process less toxic and less polluting for the environment. Working on a waste treatment site, he is responsible for transmitting to technicians and local communities the best practices to adopt for more responsible waste management. The preferred training is a Master in engineering school or university in waste treatment.
  • Naturalist expert: He is a specialist in biodiversity. On a specific territory, the naturalist expert identifies the flora and fauna present and assesses their conditions of existence. Its main objective is to guarantee them an environment that promotes their diversity. To do this, it carries out meticulous fieldwork and organizes all of its data in mapped form. In collaboration with an environmental engineer, they analyze the results obtained and think about the best devices to preserve the biodiversity of the space. Ideally, a Bachelor in Naturalist Management and Valorization followed by a Masters in Ecology, Earth Sciences or Agronomy with a specialization in Environment.

Where to Look to Find a Job in Fair Trade?

Here are some tips, websites and practical tools to help you in your fair trade job searches:

Fair trade job boards

Job offers in sustainable development from job sense of course 😉 or job offers in ecology or the environment.

Events and trade shows

The Procurable Fair, which takes place from April 9 to 10 in Paris, brings together the main players in sustainable development and organizes discussions on the major economic issues of sustainable development and CSR.

Directories of fair trade companies and associations

Here is a list of associations and companies that recruit in fair trade.When applying in sustainability, it is important to have a flawless CV and an effective cover letter that sets you apart from other candidates if you want to get a job interview invitation! In this area in particular, motivation is very important!