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Elephant and Pug

We find ourselves in Super City, a futuristic metropolis where the “classic evil corporation” FunFUNco is located. She squeezes all the juice out of the arcade game industry, releasing cheap, bad games that draw in crowds and make her mountains of money. Of course, not everyone crouches under the fattening capitalists – the leaders of the Super City gangs that resist the regime spend time in Gilly’s Arcade, the last bastion of “real gaming like Shadow Blade 5e” in an ocean of soulless crafts.

A lifelong arcade developer, old man Ghillie creates his best and latest game, Arcadegeddon. In his opinion, the novelty is so good that it can lure ordinary people into his slot machine hall and distract from the FunFUNco products. The heads of the corporation do not like this plan, and therefore they launch a virus into the system, which begins to destroy the game from the inside. Gilly is able to get rid of the infection, but he needs time and help – the more people play Arcadegeddon, the more difficult it is for the virus to spread.

Familiar mechanics

Arcadegeddon resembles several third-person action games at once. Each new race is not connected with the past, and the next passage of the level you start from scratch, as in roguelights like Returnal and Risk of Rain 2 . How dynamic the action is here and how long the character is able to ride on the fifth point after sliding, evokes associations with Vanquish . Looking at the visual style, I want to compare the game with the PvE mode of Fortnite .

All this is combined well, and there is no feeling that the developers simply copied other people’s ideas. Launching the arcade from the central location, we find ourselves in a randomly generated world – the order of locations, opponents and tasks change every time. We need to run from one end of the map to the other, completing the instructions that appear along the way: transfer objects from point to point, destroy six system glitches within the arena, stand at several points for a minute, and so on. One level does not take much time, and after that we are transferred to the next, where the difficulty increases.

Opponents hinder the passage in every possible way – some fly over the ground with the help of jetpacks, others explode when approaching the hero, others are armed with shields and cause great damage. There are also bosses, but only you decide whether to go to them or not – you can ignore the warnings and just run to the finish line. The bestiary isn’t huge, but enough to keep gunfights from becoming a routine. And they cannot roll down, because in battle the player has many opportunities that allow him to successfully cope with enemies with the right use of resources.

Faster, higher, stronger

In the process of passing, additional abilities are also unlocked, which are restored when killing enemies with ordinary weapons: a fireball, freezing, a healing station, a black hole sucking in enemies, and so on. Despite the unoriginal nature of these skills, they make battles more fun and allow you to emerge victorious from difficult situations. For example, shield-bearers can deprive you of some of your health in a second, and it is not so easy to break through their defenses with ordinary bullets. You take a freeze, throw it in their direction, and then take out a bat and with one blow break the villains who have turned into ice.

The above would be enough for the races to be different from each other – there are enough locations here, and constantly changing tasks add variety. But that’s not all – there are hacks, an analogue of passive skills. They either fall out of chests, many of which are hidden in back streets and buildings, or are rarely found in ordinary boxes placed at every turn. There is an increase in critical damage, and an improvement in defense, and an increase in the speed of movement or shooting. So far, there is a feeling that some of the improvements are so minor that they are completely invisible, – I think, while the game is in Early Access, the balance will still be tweaked.

In F95zone, you can just spend time setting records and getting into the world table, or you can take tasks from gang leaders and complete them. They always give one main task and three additional ones – for completing the latter, they give cosmetic items such as new heads, hairstyles and clothes. You will be asked to either eliminate so many enemies in a certain way, then reach a given level of difficulty in a specified time, then destroy boxes or collect the required number of hacks. Completed the task – you can return to the hall and pick up the reward, but then the progress in the rest of the tests will be reset.


I like to play it alone in arcade action and Eldritch Blast 5e games like this, and Arcadegeddon is no exception. The gameplay elements combine very well with each other, and the sound here is generally beyond praise, especially the music. But if you want to play the game with friends, then the co-op for four is available from the first day, and some active abilities will be more useful in the team. For example, there is a drone that strengthens the shields of all members of the group and increases the damage done in a small radius. It’s a pity that the cross-play will be added only next year, with the release of the full version.