Benefits of Using Posters for Branding of Your Small Business

Poster printing

Posters are low-cost, eye-catching, and informative elements used for the temporary promotion of an idea, product, or event. Posters may be used for many purposes besides they are displayed in public spaces for mass consumption. They’re a frequent tool of advertisers, particularly for products, political motives, movies, and other events.


A study sponsored by Canada Post and conducted by Canadian neuromarketing firm TrueImpact shows that people are 70% more likely to remember a brand they see in print than online. There is a huge demand for printed media, and one of the most effective and affordable methods is large-scale poster printing.


Here are some of the reasons for you to opt-in for posters for your next advertising campaign.




Poster printing and advertising can range in price depending upon their size, material used, colors, and finishes. However, they are still a dirt-cheap investment and offer a high return on the investment. If you compare poster pricing with other printed collaterals, you will find it among the most affordable marketing tools.

poster printing agency
poster printing agency

The ground causes for this areposters can be purchased in bulk quantity and do not require ongoing investment. It is a much cheaper form of advertising than on radio and television. The process is simple, requiring only a few people and a printing service. The posters can go from the concept stage to the finished form in a matter of days.




Posters are vibrant and memorable and can convey your message in any interpretation that you like. From the swirly fonts to the clever written content also the eye-catching graphic design used for poster printing, there are endless options to choose from. They can be used for many different advertising purposes.

Whether you want to get some potential customers or promote an event, posters can be used both by large and small businesses. They don’t have any wise area restrictions; they can be easily placed indoors and outdoors. The versatility to put a compelling marketing message of temporary and ongoing offers on a grand scale is simply vast.




According to a survey by MarketingSherpa in October 2016, 82 per cent of the US internet users trusted printed ads more than an online advertisement. Poster printing and Print media have been around for decades, establishing their reputation. Because of their long-lasting nature, printed ads are successful in maintaining their credibility.


Another outmatched feature of printed media is the attention it grasps of the readers and how engaging it can be. Experts claim that printed ads make information and products more desirable as readers can better understand the published information. Another reason for making printed media more credible is scammers and misleading advertisements on the internet.

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Despite the myth that printed media is outdated, it still outperforms the other forms of marketing strategies. When people consume information from posters, they take their time to read and are more considerate as they absorb information from posters. Nearly whenever people see an online ad, they are more likely to skip, and when they are surfing the internet for a specific requirement, they may trip from the must-have answer to their query and go with the other more likely answers.


Online reading can be distracting, whereas printed posters allow readers to relax, slow down, and focus. The constantly popping ads distract the users from focusing and later making it hard for them to recall the information. The information on the posters or any other media is static, ensuring that the reader remains focused.


Local impact


A well-positioned poster can work wonders for the audience. A busy street, shopping centers, and escalators are among some of the many available choices. Choose a place with a high population density so that the right campaign message is in front of the targeted audience. Ask your poster printing agency to choose a simple, unique, and message-centered design to impact the audience.



Online and television ads have diminished effects on viewers after some views. However, print marketing continues to increase brand awareness even after repetitive exposures. To boost the branding process, a company may use print marketing and other digital forms to amplify the branding process.


Emotional response


Well-thought poster advertisements are a powerful tool to influence the subconscious minds of the customers. Understand the importance of color psychology to trigger specific emotions in your customers related to the company and products. Fonts, too, have a part in setting off emotions in human brains.


Use dark colors and plain fonts to depict the seriousness of a business, for example, law firms. A well-thought poster can arouse the emotions of empathy. Empathy is a strong emotional response that connects your brand with the hearts of the clients and customers, has more positive feelings and dedication towards a brand establishing brand loyalty.

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