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6 Factors Which Influence 4G Home Broadband Connectivity

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So you might have invested in the Fastest Broadband Installation service, but your internet still has issues and lags for some reason. This often becomes a point of frustration and stress within homes. After the advent of the pandemic, all of our things are dependent on the internet more so. Our need for fast network connections is prominent, and even after investing in good broadband, experiencing lag will make you irritated. This makes you question the different factors which influence broadband speed. For your facilitation, we have compiled a list of factors that affect your broadband speed to help you narrow down on what might be delaying your work.

Service provider

Some service providers have faster internet connections than others even though they are fast on paper. Many companies claim to be the best in network fields but you have to be sure that the issue of network connection is not from their end.


Your internet speed is also dependent on the type of wiring that it is paired with. Copper wires used to be the only accessible wire type to conduct such electrical work but since the advent of optic wiring, internet speeds have increased exponentially. Make sure that your wiring is adequate and it properly connected. If there is damage to any kind of wire, the issue of Broadband Speed will arise.

Processing Speed

Old computers are very slow in performance regardless of how fast the internet speed is. The same goes for modems and routers as well. Dated electronics have this reccurring problem. The speed between your computer and modem also impacts the processing speed. Old wireless connections are much slower than wired connections as well as newer ones.

Timing and Weather Conditions for 4G Home Broadband

It is commonly seen that internet is better at specific times of the day. Sometimes it is better in the mornings when the online traffic is low or in the evenings when it is at full capacity. The weather also affects broadband internet. It does not affect the wiring itself but it does impact the service provider’s facilities. Extreme rain, flooding, and wind can adversely affect the speed and availability of your network.

Speed and Traffic on Individual Websites

Sometimes everything on your end seems to be working just fine but you are still unable to access websites on the browser. This makes your job more difficult, frustrating, and hectic because there seems to be no identifiable problem per se. In this case, you must consider individual website traffic which might be the most probable reason why your internet is failing you.

Sharing Internet

If you aren’t sharing webpage traffic with other users, you might be sharing internet with them. If too many devices are connected to your modem or wireless internet connection, you will have slow internet processing speed overall. To avoid this, ask your service provider about the possible number of electronics which can be connected to your device without worries.

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