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Can You Have A Teeth Whitening With Implants?

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Teeth Whitening With Implants

Many clients have asked if Teeth whitening with implants is possible. Of course, you can get your implanted crown thoroughly cleaned up. Teeth whitening with an implant is possible just like the way natural teeth whitening is possible.


In other special teeth whitening cases of an infected or damaged tooth, a root canal treatment can help. Bacteria infected teeth can be saved through a root canal treatment. For a start, you need to consult your dentist. You don’t need to feel like an alien among your friends because you have an implanted crown that needs cleaning.


Here are things you need to know about teeth whitening with implants

How Does Teeth Whitening With Implant Work?

It is only natural for one to wonder how an implanted tooth can be whitened. You already know it’s possible to get a teeth whitening with implants. But the question now is “how”?


If you want a whiter smile, Fixing the root canal and crown will help you achieve that. A dental implant is also sure for a bright smile but before you get those implants, It is best you get your natural teeth whitened before implanting a dental crown. This is to ensure that its white color is even with your natural teeth. This is because the crown of an implant cannot be whitened.


Dental prosthetics such as dental bridges, porcelain veneers, and dental implants do not need just brushing to be clean. This is why you must go for high-quality porcelain crowns that are stain-resistant. This is to say that teeth whitening with implants needs an extra of your money and attention. Caring for your natural teeth is nothing like it.


Perhaps the crown has been deeply stained and needs a deep cleaning. The only solution is for your dentist to replace it with a new crown. Your dentist can also do this without tempering with the implant screw and post in your jawbone.


Another option here for you is to use the cosmetic- whitening procedure or Veneers.

Veneers are used to make your natural teeth color to match the color of your new fitted crown.


The next thing to look out for is to make sure the color of your natural teeth is as white as your implant. You can achieve this by keeping your natural teeth clean and avoiding food and drinks that will discolor your teeth.

How to Keep Your Teeth, White, after a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal and crown implant both help preserve our teeth and make living better. Root canal treatment improves our biting force and sensation and protects other teeth from strain. But unfortunately, most teeth tend to change color after a root canal treatment.  The dark color may be as a result of trauma. Trauma makes the teeth bleed internally and gradually become darker due to pigments in the blood. Other times, the root canal treatment itself causes discoloration. This is because after the infected pulp tissue deep inside the tooth is carefully cleaned out; the tooth is then disinfected and sealed with treatment cement.


Teeth whitening can be done during or after a root canal treatment. This whitening process is known as internal or non-vital bleaching. The deep stains from deep within the tooth are called intrinsic stains. With internal bleaching, a tooth can become white again.


During a root canal process, your dentist will have to take an x-ray of the affected teeth to know the kind of treatment it requires. He injects that affected teeth area to make it numb and then creates a hole at the tooth backside. He removes all the discolored particles and unwanted materials. He checks out for unwanted holes in the pulp area to avoid leakage of the bleaching agent into the root canal filling.


He seals up such holes and then uses the bleaching agent to clean up the pulp chambers. This bleaching agent is known as sodium perborate. He then completely seals up the access hole.


Other options for restoring intrinsically stained teeth include dental veneers and crowns. Although, they’re quite expensive.



You can always have a life filled with laughter and happiness. You don’t need to hide your teeth and stay away from friends anymore. Teeth whitening with implants is possible. You can also have your root canals and crowns all cleaned up as well. It’s just a matter of consulting the right dentist and also having the required budget for it.


Natural teeth whitening definitely has a different procedure from that of implants. However, you must know that they are both attainable. Carry your dentist along every step of the way and keep your smiles bright and beautiful.