Do You Have to Wear the Retainers All the Time?

It is one of the topmost concerns amongst the users of the Invisalign braces that whether they have to wear the retainers for a long time or not. Well, it is certainly not the case and it is one of the most popular orthodontic procedures that remove the need for annoying metal braces with the same benefits. However, after you are done with the braces, there comes a phase where your teeth still need support to let the gum and jaw bone stick around the teeth. And this is where retainers work!

So, before we know how long the retainer has to be there in your mouth, there are a few things to answer-

How to Tell That Your Invisalign Treatment is Over?

A lot of Invisalign users make an assumption that the right time to take off the braces is when the teeth started looking straighter. However, it is crucial to the treatment and advised by the orthodontists that you must keep aligners until your orthodontists won’t tell you to take it off. There could be minor misalignments that can’t be fixed if you take it out sooner than the advised time. As a result, it will shift back out of the place.

Do You Have to Wear the Retainer After the Treatment?

Most people dislike the idea of metal retainers after the treatment. Since the patients have already tried the option like clear Invisalign braces in the first place, they don’t want to wear the visible metal retainers after the treatment. Fortunately, there is also the option of clear retainers that won’t let the teeth move back to their old position.

Wearing the retainers ensures that your soft jaw sticks around your teeth and your teeth get enough time to hold onto the new position while jaws are getting hardened over time.

Types of Retainers Those Are in Use:

When it comes to retaining the position of the straighter teeth, retainers are the must, soon after taking out the braces. The period of using the retainers may vary based on your dental condition. However, based on the preference of the users, 2 types of retainers are available in the market-

  • Fixed Retainers: Fixed retainers are made of thin metal wire which sits at the back of the teeth, which means, it is not visible to others. The retainers are set in a way that makes sure your teeth won’t move back after the Invisalign treatment. Orthodontists will fix them at the place until the retainers are no more needed to hold the teeth.
  • Removable Retainers: There are two variants of removable retainer, one is the traditional wire retainer and another one is the 3D retainer. In the metal retainer variant, there comes a custom plastic, which sits against the roof of your mouth, where the thin metal wire wraps around the front part of the teeth. On the contrary, the clear retainers are set back behind the teeth just like Invisalign braces and made of durable materials.

So, What’s the Duration of Wearing the Retainers?

Soon after the aligners are removed, there comes a need when you have to wear the retainers for at least 22 hours a day, as per the recommendation of the orthodontist. Usually, experts suggest wearing the retainers for up to six months after the Invisalign treatment gets over. However, based on the condition, it may take up to two years for your jawbones to get fully formed as per the new position. After this phase, the orthodontist may suggest you wear retainers at night for the next 6 months.

When you complete the entire phase with your retainer, you should wear them a few nights a week to prevent the teeth from shifting back into the previous place.

How to Care for the Retainers?

To keep the retainers in the best shape and condition possible, make sure you can take proper care of them. This will help you to save money from buying a replacement retainer down the line. So, here are a few things to do-

  • Keep it clean and keep track of where it is all the times.
  • While cleaning, brush it without toothpaste, or else it will damage the retainer. You can buy a dedicated cleaning solution and soak the retainer for deep cleaning.
  • When eating and drinking, take out the retainer to ensure food doesn’t get stuck inside it.
  • Smoking with the retainers can leave a yellow stain behind. So, either you stop smoking or stop wearing the clear retainer as well. You shouldn’t chew gum or sticky candy, as it will stick into the retainers and won’t get out.

So, are you on the verge of taking off the braces? If yes, then this content may help you to make the right decision and proper consultation with the orthodontist simply as you can book your Invisalign online and make an appointment.


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