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India has a shortage of around an estimated 600K doctors and 2 Mn nurses (2019 estimates). There is massive tension on the conventional medical care framework, with an expansion in way of life infection and expenses. The issue is more predominant in-country urban communities where gaining admittance to quality medical services is a test. Insignificant urban communities, absence of admittance to quality specialists/clinical benefits, and non-accessibility of specialists to visit patients at home inside <4 hours are referred to as significant difficulties.

We are also seeing an influx in the number of telemedicine platforms coming available especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the available online consultation platforms are not user-friendly and offer security concerns. Doctors have raised certain concerns related to data and security policies with some existing incumbents. Moreover, patients lack the ‘feel-and-touch’ effect of Doctors while consulting online – the traditional healthcare system is still popular with patients especially because the Doctor is able to read the vitals (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, etc.) to make diagnostic consultations.

Abhicure aims to bring a disruption in Indian healthcare, by enabling a ‘state-of-the-art’ online consultation platform by Online Skin Doctor Free Consultation. The platform offers real-time opportunities to connect with Professional Doctors via phone chat or phone call, schedule booking opportunities for video call consultations, and a paramedic driven consultation which enables agents to visit patient’s houses and drive e-consultations using a telemedicine kit as your needs. The telemedicine kit along with an integrated software will allow Doctors to view vitals in real-time and perform consultations. To summarize, Doctors can consult patients sitting at their homes by the use of a telemedicine kit driven by Nurses/paramedics. In certain rural areas, if the internet is not readily available – the telemedicine platform also works offline (record vitals and relay information to doctors whenever the internet is available).

The telemedicine market in India is expected to reach $5.5B by 2025. In terms of the addressable market size for Abhicure – the number of users availing of 2020 can be estimated to be around ~15 Crore (For reference – Practo did 5 crore transactions between Mar 1 to May 31, 2020). Assuming an average ticket size of INR 500 and considering 20% of this share (since the focus will be on East India in the beginning and there are 3-4). With the increase in the adoption of telemedicine platforms. Abhicure is a Video consultation to doctors in West Bengal that online healthcare platform enabling health consultation between patients and physicians. Our vision is to make healthcare accessible to every citizen alongside ensuring quality, convenience, accessibility, and affordability.

Abhicure means to work on the whole medical care framework and add an incentive for every one of the accomplices associated with it – patients, specialists, drug stores, diagnostics, centers, emergency clinics. The objective is to create uncommon worth and administration for all, end shoppers.

Key services offered:

  1. Basic Telemedicine Consultation
  • Chat / Phone Call – High-quality certified doctors will review your problems and offer quick video/phone consultation.
    • This offering provides a near real-time opportunity to connect with doctors over a quick chat or a phone call.
    • Scheduled Consultation – Doctors all over India offer video consultation to doctors based on time scheduled by patients across multiple categories
    • This offering requires appointment scheduling with the doctors in advance based on their availability (captured at the time of registration). Patients can choose numerous accessible classifications (e.g., General Medicine, Physiotherapy, Gynecology, Dentistry, and so on) and video call their favored specialist of decision for conferences. The portal also has prescription management, automated reminder, and patient profiling functionalities – to simplify the lives of the doctors and patients involved


  1. Paramedic / Health Worker driven Consultation (Key differentiator)
  • Paramedic driven Consultation – Paramedic will visit the location of choice of the patient and facilitate consultation with doctors using secure and industry compliant telemedicine kit
    • This contribution additionally requires arrangement planning and is the USP for the business. A certified agent or paramedic will visit the patient’s house at the scheduled time of the consultation, leverage the telemedicine kit, follow doctor instructions, monitor vitals, and drive consultations. The use of the telemedicine kit will help doctors offer more accurate consultations (since vitals are monitored and relayed in real-time) alongside saving time for both parties involved.
  • The goal is to tie up with the pharmacy chains and delivers medicine online for our patients
  • Locally situated wellbeing registration: The telemedicine pack likewise can perform blood
  • We additionally have a best-in-class experience focus set up in Behala (Kolkata) permitting patients to stroll in and counsel specialists web-based utilizing our telemedicine stage. The experience place is overseen by a specialist paramedic who is mindful to deal with the everyday activities

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