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Four Popular Exterior Shutters Types for Your Home

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Shutters are some of the best window treatment options available in the market which dramatically change the home appearance and increase the resale value of the property. Shutters are divided into two categories that include interior shutters and exterior shutters. As everyone has already talked out interior shutters a lot, today we have decided to throw some light on the custom exterior window shutters in Pacific Palisades.

Exterior shutters

An exterior shutter is a solid and stable window treatment consisting of a frame of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. These are basically constructed for light control, security, privacy, and protection from external elements.  Before deciding to install the exterior shutters, it is important to know your options. There are five exterior shutter styles that you can consider.

Below are the different types of exterior shutters;

Louvered– Louvered are highly popular exterior shutters that consist of overlapping slats of wood set into the frame. The thinner slats give a more sophisticated look, while the wider slats offer a modern look. You can choose louvered shutters with the color that complements the look of your home.

Raised panel– The raised panel is generally used for decorative purposes. They appear like wooden doors with the raised panel on the inside of the frame. Many designers recommend pairing the raised panel with the wooden box, where you can grow plants and flowers as well.

Plantation– Plantation shutters are popular for giving a classy touch to your space. These shutters have slated blinds made up of wood or other materials. They can be opened and adjusted to let the cool air in and protect you from outside elements.

Board and batten– This exterior shutter features an arch or square top that can be paired with the windows with similar curves at the top. This shutter style can give your home a classic feel. The individual boards are joined together with shorter battens or crosspieces. You can find these shutters style in older buildings that emphasize the architecture of the exterior areas.

Final words

Exterior shutters are indeed the ultimate window treatment option that enhances the overall appearance of your home until you get it installed by the right window treatment professionals who make sure the hardware looks authentic and attached properly.

Window treatment experts will also help you decide on the right shutter style that completes the home appearance and reflects your personality. But make sure you approach the right window treatment experts having a wide experience in providing window treatment services for exterior shutters and custom draperies and window treatments in Oak Park.