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Truffle Oil: 6 Tips to Order Online

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Fresh Truffles Near Me

Ever since the world of synthetics has evolved, real truffle oils have become more challenging to tell apart. When ordering online for “Fresh Truffles Near Me”, you never know if you are getting what you signed up for. Truffle are very rare in themselves and can be inspected for very apparent visible differences. In oils, there is a greater probability that the product you vouch for is fake. To help you gain the value for your money and to get better experiences, we have devised a list of tips. These tricks will provide you with more insight on how to buy authentic truffle oil online.

Validity of Website

When looking to buy truffles from a webpage, you should take the time to verify the website. The website should be professional and should use familiar domains such as .us or .org. For example, you can visit tartuflanghe.us which is a genuine provider for truffles and truffle-based products. Read the “about us” page for their history and their services. Look for labels and keywords such as “natural flavor”, “authentic”, “graded” and the name of the truffle used for example, Black Truffle. If words like “truffle aroma” are used, it generally refers to a fake or synthetic truffle flavor which is added instead of actual truffles.

Sourcing for Black and White Truffle

Some websites mention their sourcing for truffles. This is a plus point for potential buyers because it is effective in building trust. There are many websites that do not highlight their sourcing and are still providing authentic truffles. This is where word of mouth becomes important. You can ask the peers who used their products or are familiar with them, for their suggestions. You can even email the company for such queries.


Before you get truffles for home delivery, inspect for the ingredients on the list for details. Ingredients should specifically include the name of the truffle. Sometimes companies and stores add in scientific names for their chosen mushrooms. Listing them in the ingredient is very important because they highlight care to details. This has a strong impact on the consumer.


The packaging may often use generic words which hint at aroma and fragrance. This highlights the fact that original truffles are replaced with synthetics. Such general tone is used to protect the company from consumer challenges or lawsuits.

Truffle grade

When ordering truffles online, be sure to look for grades. Every product is graded according to its quality. The highest quality is considered to be grade A. Quality is measured by its smell, maturation and color. Grade A includes truffles which are not damaged or broken. Those which have minor flaws are downgraded to B class. The remaining C and D classes contain defected, marked and immature pieces of truffle.


Any time you start looking for truffles on a new website online, contact and ask them for more descriptions on their products. This will also be a clear indication of legitimacy.