Heath Ritenour Adds Employee Benefits and Communications Expertise to IOA’s Leadership

Heath Ritenour has led Insurance Office of America through a growth period that saw revenues rise from $78 million to $238 million in just over a decade. While himself largely responsible for much of this growth, CEO Heath Ritenour has also certainly relied on other executives with specialized expertise. Two new additions to the company’s executive team bring expertise in employee benefits and in communications, both of which should help IOA continue to grow.

Employee Benefits and Retention Expertise From Jeffrey Moxley

One of Ritenour’s new hires is Jeffrey Moxley, who’s held leadership employee retention and benefits roles for more than 15 years.

Moxley has worked with multiple best-in-class companies, improving employees’ total compensation in order to increase retention. Most recently, he’s served as the Vice President of Employee Benefits at Acrisure. He’s worked in the field for 17 years in total.

At Insurance Office of America, Moxley will apply his expertise within the North Florida and South Georgia region. He’s highly knowledgeable about the region and holds a master’s and a bachelor’s from Florida State University.

Telecommunications Expertise from Stephanie Brewer

The other new hire is Stephanie Brewer, whose experience is with telecommunications.

Brewer has been working within telecommunications for more than 14 years, and this tenure includes experience with both telecom tower installers and companies that must navigate telecom regulations. Much of her work is to address risk and compliance considerations, but she’s also familiar with safety, coaching, and efficiency issues.

During her time within telecommunications, Brewer has also served as an advisor to multiple organizations. She’s currently the Advisory Board Chairperson for the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP). She was previously on the National Wireless Safety Alliance Task Force and the Written Exam Management Committee.

Brewer is joining Insurance Office of America in a leadership role. She’ll be the company’s new Director of Telecommunications Safety and Compliance. The role will have her advising both IOA itself and IOA clients on telecom regulation, efficiency, and risk issues.

Heath Ritenour Has IOA Poised for Continued Growth

Heath Ritenour has had Insurance Office of America on a major growth trajectory for the past 11-plus years, and he shows no sign of wanting to slow down. The addition of Jeffrey Moxley and Stephanie Brewer brings more expertise that will help IOA continue to expand. Brewer’s expertise will help IOA and clients navigate the increasingly digital insurance marketplace, and Moxley’s will help gain more market share in the Southeastern United States (where IOA started).

About Heath Ritenour

Heath Ritenour has been with Insurance Office of America for more than 20 years, holding intern, sales, and executive positions. His term as Chief Executive Officer has spanned more than 12 years. As a leader, Heath Ritenour shared his cancer journey with team members, highlighting the importance of communication, transparency, and working together to create the best outcomes for all.