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HirinGuru Review – Features and Pricing

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Finding the perfect employee for your organization is the dream of every employer. An employee must fulfill all the requirements of the employer as a glove fits the hand. To help simplify and speed up the requirement and assessment of employees, there are countless number of recruitment platforms available in the market. One such leading recruitment platform is known as HirinGuru.

What is HirinGuru?

Simply put, HirinGuru is an employer or recruiter platform that helps the organization to conduct technical screening to find the perfect candidate according to the specific requirements set by the employer. This helps to speed up the screening, assessing, and hiring stages of the organization.

HirinGuru is a cloud-based software that relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in addition to some other unique features, to help the HR professionals in hiring the best employees. HirinGuru allows its users to create customized technical testing assessment methodology to help make the right decisions during the hiring process. This helps the recruiters to save on time and money spent on the recruiting process.


is a well-equipped recruiter platform that provides its users with the most innovative features to get the best results for the recruitment process. Instead of providing its users with a one-size-fits-all solution, HirinGuru allows its users to build a custom technical testing methodology to yield better results. It comes with some built-in tools that help to automate the screening process, allowing you to make the best decisions for your organization. Hiring the best-suited candidates allows your organization to grow.

To give you a better insight into HirinGuru, some of the features have been discussed below.

  1. 1.SingleSign-on

HirinGuru offers its users the option of starting up with their social media accounts. You can use the single click sign up option with your Google and Facebook accounts. This saves you from the hassle of filling out detailed forms to get started.

  1. Stocked Question Bank

This is a viable option for recruiters with non-technical backgrounds looking for employees with technical knowledge. With the help of an extensive question bank, numerous pre-formed questionnaires and coding problem scenarios can be created, providing you great help in the hiring process if you happen to be a non-technical business owner.

  1. Custom Coding Tests

If you are not satisfied with the stocked questions and tests, HirinGuru provides you with the option to make customized coding tests in any programming language. This is a great option for business owners and HR professionals with prior technical knowledge. This helps to differentiate the experienced potential employees from the inexperienced potential employees.

  1. User-Friendly IDE

HirinGuru offers its users with an interactive IDE for candidates that allows them to submit solutions on the platform. These solutions are run and tested on the platform to verify the output. With this feature, the need for an external application is removed.

  1. Multiple Programming Languages Supported

HirinGuru conducts tests in numerous programming languages. These languages include the following:








  1. Enterprise Ready

HirinGuru is a versatile platform and can be used by any sized organization. It can conduct the screening of a large number of candidates as efficiently as it can conduct the screening of a few candidates. This means that you will get the best results for recruitment, irrespective of the size of your organization’s recruitment.

  1. Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics are essential tools in showing the performance and skills of a candidate. HirinGuru provides you with detailed reports to give you a better insight into a candidate’s performance and experience. This helps to assess the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy you have planned.


Since HirinGuru caters to organizations and businesses of all sizes, it offers various price plans that can fit the bill of each organization. They also offer 30-day unrestricted access with their beta program.

HirinGuru offers 4 price plans. These price plans include the following:

  1. Pay as you go

This price plan costs $10 for a test attempt.

The following features are offered:

-24/7 support

-Unlimited Custom Test Suites

-Custom Coding Tasks

-Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks


  1. Starter

This price plan costs $240 per month.

The following features are offered:

-1 User

-24/7 Support

-Advanced Cheating Prevention

-Unlimited Custom Test Suites

-Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

-5 Custom Coding Tasks

-30 Test Attempts/m

  1. Business

This price plan costs $500 per month.

The following features are offered:

-5 Users

-24/7 Support

-Advanced Cheating Prevention

-Unlimited Custom Test Suites

-20 Custom Coding Tasks

-100 Test Attempts/m

-Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

  1. Enterprise

The cost of this price plan depends on the requirements of the client.

The following features are offered:

-Unlimited Users

-Unlimited Test Attempts/m

-Unlimited Custom MCQs and Descriptive Tasks

-Unlimited Custom Coding Tasks

-Unlimited Custom Test Suites

-Dedicated Customer Success Manager

-Employer Branding

-Custom ATS Integrations

-Custom Feature Development

-24/7 Support

-Advanced Cheating Prevention

HirinGuru offers a price plan that is well suited for any size and type of business. They offer a price plan that is well designed and catered well for every business. It caters to individual, startup, SME, and Enterprise users.

Recruitment and Assessment

The main purpose of HirinGuru is to help recruiters simplify and speed up the hiring process. It gets cumbersome to go through countless number of resumes to find the right candidate with all the desired qualifications and skills. With HirinGuru, you can shortlist the candidates according to your requirements and conduct only their interviews. This helps to increase the interview to hire ratio of your organization.

Assessment is the only way that helps to shortlist the most suited candidates for the job openings in your organization. Relying just on resumes is not a smart thing to do since some candidates, if not all, mention a lot of things on their resumes just to make it look impressive. Assessment is the only way that helps to verify all the details, such as work experience and qualifications, on a candidate’s resume.

HirinGuru helps the organization and recruiters by conducting assessment in the following ways:

  1. Aptitude Tests
  2. Coding Tests
  3. Domain tests
  4. ML Algorithm Tests

With HirinGuru, you can check the skills of engineers and data scientists too, with the help of comprehensive assessment techniques, such as Java, PHP, Python, etc.

Why Choose HirinGuru?

From the numerous recruiting platforms available in the market, HirinGuru provides its users with unique features that may not be offered by other recruitment platforms. Apart from providing such comprehensive testing techniques, HirinGuru also provides its users with the ability to integrate with your Allied Testing Service, allowing all your hiring processes to be streamlined.

Overall Rating

The features and tools offered by HirinGuru make it a unique and comprehensive experience for its users. It helps in empowering your business by reducing the time and cost of resources spent on screening individuals conventionally. Overall, this platform is an all-encompassing recruiting solution for your business.