How do I start Google AdSense?

google adsense

If you have a website from which you want to earn some money then Google Adsense could be the first option you would like to choose. And this is completely free to run google ads on your website or in your youtube videos. Although, you have to follow policies before running Google Adsense. And in this article, we will try to complete all the sections that can help you to run google Adsense in your online property. 


Create a Google AdSense account:


First, the very basic thing is you need a google account and your blog where you would run Google ads. Also, the main point is the website you use for google AdSense that should be designed according to google. Otherwise, you might have to face some rejection from google.  Here your needs at least 30 pages on your website and that should be at least 3 months older. As well as your website should have some visitors on a daily basis. Because visitors are the key to earning through Google AdSense. The more visitors you attract to your blog you would get more chance to make more money. But if you have less traffic on your site then Google might create some problems for you in google AdSense. 


How google pays for running ads on your website:


This is a very usual question that how Google pays for running ads on your website. For 

Understanding this factor you have to know Google AdSense work. Google AdSense is a free program that connects a publisher to an advertiser. Here Google work as a mediator he takes money from the advertisers and runs their ads on your site. And for that it pays you. However, that amount could be anything either it could be high or low. But in the end, Google pays for using your space. Here you can directly deal with the advertisers. There are methods available that can connect you directly to an advertiser. Although, you can promote someone’s product by writing an article about that particular company in your blog. Many people use this technic in reviews of many products. 


What types of ads you should allow on your sites: 


Now once you accept ads on your website. Then at that very moment, you need to figure out what types of you want to run in your blog. Either you can run several types of ads on your website or you can allow just your niche-related ads on your webpages. It completely depends on you. If you have a website that has huge traffic on a daily basis then you can accept any category’s Google ads. But if you are targeting a specific niche then your choice should be your niche-related ads. Because you can not make more money just with help of Google AdSense when your website does not have more visitors. In such a case you have to maintain your blog more consciously. If you maintain your blog properly then you can build a loyal and potential customer base who will love to visit your website frequently. As such you can attract more advertisers. And promoting someones’ product through your blog could be more beneficial than earning from Google Adsense.




Now at the end of this article, you have the various option available to make money from your blog. Either you can go with Google Adsense or you can promote someones’ products. The choice is yours. And if you are searching for a digital marketing agency in Delhi. Then we can help you with this problem. We can run your business with a digital marketing strategy.  You can know about our company just after visiting our website.

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