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How to Boost Engagement with Live Stream Shopping

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Live Stream Shopping is outranking all other selling mediums in terms of popularity. Streaming shopping shows to connect with buyers in real-time has reached new heights. Internet penetration, video consumption, changing consumer shopping habits and an increasing number of mobile users, etc are the major driving forces behind this growing trend.

Video commerce has made an unmatched leap in 2020 – with the pandemic leading to the closure of brick-and-motor shopping stores. According to a study, 80 percent of audiences would rather watch a live video than read a blog, and by the year 2022 video streaming will account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic.

The concept of hosting a live shopping show may feel a little daunting, but incorporating the right strategies will have a positive effect on your audience and boost engagement which will eventually lead to sales. People are drawn to entertainment, fun and interactivity and when offered via a live shopping show makes them stick to you.

Here are some strategies to make the best out of your live stream show and boost customer engagement and retention.

Host a Spontaneous Live Session

Being spontaneous during a Live Shopping Show can yield you a bunch of new customers. Viewers are always attracted to raw, unfiltered, and unedited content. So being spontaneous during a show can help you captivate your audience.

Showcase Behind the Scenes

A teaser showcasing behind the scenes will help your audience get to know you better. You can showcase to your audiences how you work, how you celebrate festivals, or can show your company culture.

Q&A Session
Hosting a Q&A session will definitely boost interaction, draw more viewers to join your live shopping show, and helps your viewers connect to you personally. Being real is what gets the most appreciation and buyers do demand this.

Conduct Polls
Share your thoughts or view during a live stream show and then invite your customers to participate in a poll on that topic. This will work as a gamification feature that will keep your viewers hooked on to you.

Conducting a Quiz
People love playing quiz and what’s better than taking them in real-time. Chances are, a bunch of questions will spark interest among your viewers and make the session more entertaining.

Running Flash Sales

This is a fun activity that is bound to attract more customers to your brand. Implementing such strategies will help your live shopping show to go around in much bigger circles than it usually does.



Inviting guests that can be an influencer, celebrity, brand ambassador or an industry expert over your show can be a great way to boost engagement and excitement among your audiences


Addressing your customers

Addressing your customers by calling out their names or initiating a conversation with them is a great way to make them feel special and involved. A smart way to speak directly to your audiences is by thanking them for their support throughout your live show.

Live Interviews
Hosting informative interviews via live stream shopping is a great way to engage your audiences and humanize your brand. Whether you sit down with a brand advocate, an employee or a public figure your customers will appreciate the authenticity of a live interview.

Wrapping Up

As shopping becomes more digitized, live online shopping has become the main way to create a more entertaining, interactive experience that captivates buyers’ interest.

With live streaming for retail, brands will generate new sales by going live with their products and incorporating strategies like the see-now-buy-now offer, flash sales, deals & discounts, Q&A sessions, collaborations, etc. Going live with products is definitely improving the online shopping experience for buyers, bringing brands and customers virtually.

Live online shopping is said to create a community. The fact that live stream shopping platforms allow audiences to interact and communicate at the same time as watching a live shopping show forges a community. This will only improve the shopping experience but also creates trust among customers.

With Channelize.io Live stream Shopping solution you can achieve all this without any hassle.

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