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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel and Look Big Without Any Overhaul?

3 min read
Antique white kitchen cabinets

Only because your kitchen is smalldoesn’t mean that it won’t be efficient. If the kitchen is small, things will get a bit difficult. From compact countertops to insufficient storage can make it a challenge to cook rather than enjoy. But this is not something exceedingly difficult.

How to make cooking easy in a small kitchen

All you need to follow some principles. And you can transform even a tiny space into a pleasant cooking place to cook, eat and gather.

  • Simple color palette – If you don’t have the square footage, stick to a neutral simple color palette. Like you can go for a white kitchen. This will help you make the space big. It would also help to avoid the claustrophobic situation of being clumsy by color. So white would be a good option for you. Bright shades like white are quite overwhelming and give a feeling of spaciousness. But in the case of white, choose a crisp shade with a reflective finish to make the space brighter. And to create an illusion of a bigger space, apply a glossy finish on the kitchen cabinets. Antique white kitchen cabinets would be a good alternative for you if the size of your kitchen is small.


  • Maximum storage – Most people don’t understand how much space remains unutilized in the kitchen drawers and cabinets. Areas such as narrow nooks and triangular corners seem to be unusable and awkward. However, they can provide extra storage for less frequently used goods. Insides of the cabinet doors can also be used for the hook to hang utensils, cleaning supplies, and much more.



  • Properly sized appliances – While choosing appliances for small kitchens, don’t ever take any oversized appliances. A 36” stovetop can’t be a good option for a tiny kitchen. You might not need more than 3 or 4 burners to start with. Likewise, a narrow tall refrigerator frees up more space than a short wide fridge. So, measure available space beforehand and buy appliances accordingly. Small appliances are perfect for small kitchens. They are budget-friendly too! To save on your budget, you may opt for a discount cabinet as well.


  • Specially crafted drawers and cabinets – Be it a pull-out spice section or an underused Lazy Susan, especially crafted drawers are the best bet for small kitchens. They can be bought from the leading kitchen supply stores. They are a great way to enhance storage space and remain organized.


  • Combination of art and cookware – Artwork is one of the essential ways for infusing your personality. It brings meaning to any space. If your kitchen is small, let the cookware, cookbooks, dishes, and utensils do extra duty as a display. By handing a copper pot or displaying plates and glasses on the open shelving or simply arranging regular objects in a thoughtful way, you can ensure both functionality and beauty. It would also help to stay tidy and neat and that is another great way to maximize functions in a small kitchen while avoiding clutter.


  • Enough lighting – If a small space is not adequately lit, it feels cramped and dreary. If there is only one lighting fixture in the kitchen, go for under-cabinet lighting. This can be done without taking up any counter space. Besides, it provides enough lighting while being invisible virtually. If the backdrop of the kitchen is white, good lighting will make your room feel and look bigger and brighter. This is the reason many homeowners prefer to have white kitchen cabinets for their apartments.


Well, though not all, these are some of the most important things to take care of as it comes to make your small kitchen look and feel big and bright.