How to Plan a Perfect Floral Themed Bridal Shower?

Wedding affair is truly synonyms to vibrance, luscious, extravagance and lavishness. A wedding is the most important day for any person. This important day can be enhanced when you have your family and friends around you.


You can have a blast eating, drinking together in a vibrant atmosphere. Your wedding venue should resonate with the power of relationship and the craziness of the joy that you are experiencing. This is not only an event but also a life experience that needs to be perfect to cherish precious memories.


One of the most important things at a wedding is the bridal shower. You can treasure each moment of your wedding with a planned bridal shower. Fill the ambience with the vividness of bright, colourful and graceful flowers. No one can leave out the richness of some flowers, balloons and hearty delicacies to relish.


Have you planned how you would be honouring the bride for the wedding? If not, we have chic ways to help you have a ravishing bridal shower and give a wonderful memory for the bride.


A bridal shower is one of the pre-wedding bridal celebrations that mark the end of her singledom. Let this special event be splendid merrymaking.


Here are a few ideas for a floral themed bridal shower that would impress the bride and make the jamboree an unforgettable memory.


  1. Find the right venue.


For a star-studded bridal shower, plan the perfect venue where you can rejoice in the festivity. Since you are just starting to plan and think of a floral themed bridal shower, we suggest you host this gala event at your home. You can also opt for a dining hall that can accommodate your guests.


If you have a small gathering, you can have a garden party surrounded by a natural backdrop. With the elegance of flowers around you and the mesmerizing aroma, you can woo everyone, including the bride-to-be.


  1. Draw the guestlist


You must have the guest list at your hand before you plan for the bridal shower venue. The date of the event would tell you a lot about the decorations, venue accommodation and meals.


You can have some scintillating floral printed invitations for the invitees. You can invite them personally or send it over with some chocolates and orchid rose flowers bouquet.


  1. Pick the perfect flowers.


Now comes the most essential part of the planning: the bridal shower is based on flowers. The choice of the bride plays an important role here.


The symbolism of flowers gives you the right direction. The floriography could help you say the unspoken language of flowers and make the event memorable and luxurious. The energetic mood can be easily put forward with the carnations.


If a bride-to-be is a sophisticated and elegant lady, you can go with some blue orchids and purple lavender. The freesia is a bridal flower that signifies cheerfulness and togetherness.


  1. Choosing the right Colors

If you know what type of flowers the bride loves, then there is an easy path for you.


If not, we are here to help you select various colour palettes.


Some pink roses would do good with the blue carnations. You can have a perfect floral themed background ready for the bride-to-be with giant red lilies that would go fantastically with some sunflowers. If you want a nuanced celebration, you can go with peach and red roses along with the subtle white carnations.


The white orchids are the wedding flowers that can be incorporated along with regal pink roses to enhance the jamboree’s luxury.


The colours should reflect the feminine vibe and mesmerize the incoming guests and bride with opulent and ornate looks. Get the online flower delivery in Mumbai for all floral needs for the perfect bridal shower.



  1. Select flowers for other things

Floral crowns floral prizes with games floral bouquets and centrepieces can be made out of flowers. This could be a way to incorporate flowers and live up to the floral theme for the bridal shower.


You can have rose petals all over the place to enchant the guests with a spellbinding aroma. You can have gorgeous colours and lightings for a more extravagant look. A floral tiara would do great for the little girls. With the flower shower, whenever the bright arrives at the venue would make her feel special and like a Queen of the world.




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