How to write while exploring your unconscious?

Right off the bat, the question I’m asking in this title may seem odd to you, but have you ever wondered where your ideas come from when you make up a story? Do not think that only famous writers have overflowing and unbridled imaginations!

The ideas that come to you are sometimes very curious when you start a story. Where do they come from and how do they get to you? How are these ideas formed so that it turns into details that end up giving a story?

You will admit all the same that the process of creation is somewhat unknown to us, or mysterious. This raises questions and should invite and encourage you to think about your creation, to still give the best of yourself!


Find inspiration to write


When you want to write stories or a novel, to find ideas, it is important to use all the materials at your disposal:

  • everything around you
  • your own dreams you must then write them down quickly after waking up in a notebook dedicated to your dreams: it is a gift that comes from “beyond” constituting fabulous romantic ideas!
  • your own diary: it is interesting to tell every evening what happened to you during the day. It can become material to tell a story!
  • the jokes you hear left to right:  they work like any narrative structure; they already have all the elements of a good scenario!
  • books, of course
  • movies





It is also important to read something other than bestselling novels or the literary genre you are used to. How to get a Wikipedia page approved you can also read imperfect works or of a different kind, which will help you to think about the structure of the story and which can give you clues of ideas.

Ask yourself this question every time you read a book or watch a movie that you don’t like: why is this book or that movie not working? Go to the end of the process: it would have been necessary to change …. The work of others can become fruitful for you, do not forget it!

Everything you can find in the newspapers, including news items: then you can find real nuggets when it comes to imagination. Sometimes, even very often, reality is beyond the imagination of writers! In this regard, I wrote two articles on this topic on the blog.

Here are the links:

The various facts are gold for your stories! Personally, I read them very often and I draw inspiration from them without any doubt and without complex!

Talking to people, taking an interest in them, observing them in all circumstances will also allow you to find ideas for writing. You cannot find everything within yourself; we have to be inspired by others, their way of speaking, their habits, their way of life or of thought. This will be rich in lessons to be used later in describing a character.


The benefits of meditation for writing


For those who can and who wish to take this step, meditation is an excellent basis for finding novel ideas. You can also go through relaxation, hypnosis, or any other form that can allow you to connect your conscious to your unconscious (or subconscious, according to some).

The more you practice, the more your imagination will overflow. It is advisable to settle down comfortably in a place which pleases you, to put yourself in a pleasant position, without physical suffering and to remove everything that bothers you: rings, glasses, belt, and above all eradicate noise pollution. . Do not disturb you without any pretext!




As for me, I chose a tree in my garden: the birch. Each tree has beneficial virtues, and a quiet place in nature lends itself more easily to any meditation. Sit quietly, let your thoughts go by, don’t hold them back! Accept them as they come, they will go as they came!

Let the torpor that begins to invade you rise, it’s a good sign. It rises in you, you want to yawn, let yourself go! Your body relaxes, forget the constraints of everyday life and the physical and mental tensions that you inflict on yourself.




Above all, close your eyes, take a little spirit trip. Let your mind wander where it wants. Try to visualize that your mind is moving out of your body. Mind away from your home, go far away, above the city, beyond the clouds, like when you fly.

Go to an island paradise, on your island, in the middle of a calm ocean, but which will emerge suddenly. You own a cabin on this island. You like to take refuge there when you feel the need, especially to find ideas and create.




Visualize your island with its volcano, its turquoise blue waters, its river which descends, voluble, from the mountain, its tropical forest offering abundant fruits, its beach which offers you its arms for a well-deserved rest, its cliff in the distance that you promise to climb one day!

Make your cabin emerge, it is perched in the middle of the water: Wikipedia page creation service it will become your writing workshop. You alone have the key to entering it. This is YOUR place, just for you and just for you! Enter inside your sanctuary. In front of you, there is a table with a desk, on which is placed a white, open book.




On the left page of your open white paper, an idea for a movie or novel appears. Let the idea come, without rushing or forcing it. A word, a sentence, a setting, the start of a plan, a memory, a dream, a situation….You put in what you like!

You write then, while meditating, what this inspires you. Combine characters and scenery to showcase this idea. It is the beginning of a story, probably!

You can return to your cabin whenever you want to complete this page, when the need and the urge are felt in you. It is your treasure, not to be shared under any circumstances! It is a dialogue with your unconcious, that Bernard Werber offers in his masterclass via The Artist Academy , training that I have been following for a few months.


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