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How Unable to Fix Issues of Orbi Satellite Not Syncing

4 min read

Press the sync button on your router that is the Netgear bi satellite. Orbi satellite and this is going to assist you to connect the Orbi WI-Fi satellite. The sync button is present at the rear of the Orbi satellite. 

The netgear routers are preferred all over the world as they are known for their elegant designs and are famous for the higher speeds that they provide to the user. This router has great power when it is compared to the other router as it stands out. They are also very easy to set up. 

This router is going to give the user the satisfaction of keeping control over the settings. This is a router that is packed with hundreds of features. This is totally going to blow your mind. Although there are times when you are going to face the Orbi Satellite Not Syncing issue. 

Many reasons might lead to this issue and if you want to control or resolve this issue, then you need to understand what are the causes related to this issue. This will give you an understanding of the issue.  

This way you will be able to understand the issues better. What you need to know is who did you set up the device and figure out the device functioning.

Orbi Satellite Not Syncing

Let us See Some of the Reasons Behind this Issue:

There are many reasons why you must have been facing this issue. Well, the first cause could be the distance and the other cause of this issue is the network. The basic recommendation is to move the satellite to the same room where you might have placed the router.

When you’re not able to fix the issue, then it is recommended to move it to the other location. 

When following these steps, if you are still not able to fix this issue, then you need to follow the steps from the advanced troubleshooting which might help clear this issue out.  

Steps For Syncing the Router and the Satellite:

  • One of the first steps is the most basic one in which you need to place the satellite in the same room as that of the Orbi router. The location of the satellite is only going to be preferred during the process of the syncing of the router.
  • After that, you are required to connect the power outlet and then switch it On. 
  • Then you need to press the power button if you witness any LED at the back of the satellite. You need to wait for the light at the bottom so that it can turn into a solid white light.
  • After that press the sync button on the ORBI router, and then in at least two minutes, press the sync button on the satellite.
  • Make sure that the satellite is outdoors and then connect the satellite to the power outlet. See what light is there that you’re witnessing. 

Blue Light Ring:

Well, if you are witnessing the blue light ring, then it will mean that the process of sync has been completely successful. Well, now there is nothing to worry about and you will be able to see a good connection between the Orbi and the satellite. 

After this, you just need to sit back and enjoy. 

Amber Light Ring:

When you see that the LEd is blinking the amber light, then it will mean that although the router and the satellite have been properly synced the connection made between them is very fair. 

When you are looking to make the connection better, it is often recommended to move the router and the satellite very close to each other. You also need to make sure that there is no electric disturbance that is present between them when you are trying to close off the distance. 

This will help in resolving the Orbi Satellite Not Syncing issue.

Magenta Light Ring:

When you witness that the light is turning to magenta after the ORbi satellite white light, it signifies that the router is unable to connect with the router and the process of syncing has failed. 

In this case, the users have to follow the process of syncing yet again and then make sure whether they have been able to resolve the issue or not.

If you are still seeing the issue and are not able to fix it, then you need to worry as our experts from the Orbi helpline will provide you with the most remarkable solution and resolve this issue in no time.