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How you may be wasting a lot of water in your home

2 min read

According to US Environmental Protection Agency, an average American household uses 300 gallons of water per day. A lot of this water is what we waste due to carelessness or faulty equipment in our households. Let’s look at how you may be wasting a lot of water in your household.

  • You cannot use your toilet as garbage disposal. Toilets are the most significant source of water consumption in a household. Every time you are flushing out an empty toothpaste tube or a floss box, you are not only wasting seven gallons of water, but you are also running a risk of blocking your drains or seriously damaging them. Clogged drains are common due to people’s habit of throwing trash in their toilet and then flushing it out. Though clogged drains can be fixed by plumbers offering faucet repair & installation plumbing services in Hyrum, Utah, the water lost cannot be retrieved back.


  • We love hot water baths. Who won’t? They ease our muscle tensions and relieve us of anxiety and stress. But an average American spends at least 8 minutes in the shower, consuming approximately 17.2 gallons of water. Sometimes, due to a faulty water heater, your bathwater may not be of the temperature you prefer. Instead of throwing that water and heating again, you can use the water by adding a small amount of more-heated or less-heated water. If you have a faulty water heater, make sure to hire professionals providing water heater replacement in Smithfield, Utah. If you cannot control your shower time, you can always invest in low-flow showerheads that use a lower amount of water in a given time.


  • A lot of water is also wasted when we are doing our laundry. Instead of doing many half-full or partially filled loads, ensuring each load is filled to its maximum capacity will not only help you save water in the long run but also money.


  • Keeping the water running while you are brushing your teeth or washing the dishes can waste a lot of water. A better way to wash the dishes is to fill the sink with soap water and let the dirty dishes soak. This will not only result in cleaner dishes but will also save water. Also, there is really no good reason to keep your water running while you are brushing your teeth. So, next time you find yourself doing so, simply turn it off and make a habit of doing so every time.


  • Over time, the pipes in our home can get damaged due to our habit of disposing of garbage using toilets or simply by rust. These small damages allow water to leak through the pipes. Well, this leaking water can cause a considerable amount of damage to your property and waste a huge amount of water as well. Hence it is always necessary to keep an eye for all leaks. You can hire professional faucet repair & installation plumbing services in Hyrum, Utah, to fix these leaks for you.