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India Best Trekking Sites For 2021

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India provides a multitude of hiking trails, with its varied topography and its many hills scattered across the vast subcontinent. The best trekking spots in India cover edible deserts, tropical rainforests and swelling highlands of the Himalayas, and rolling wetlands.

Trekking is not just a few bold expeditions in India. These fun hikes are also popular for their lovely atmosphere. This is a monthly guide to the best adventure trekking possibilities in India. See before planning an exciting vacation in India.

13 India’s Best Trekking Places

Looking for India’s best trekking spots? Read more about India’s best trekking places according to months, the most fantastic excursions are known to bring!


  1. Dodital Winter Trek

For those who love snow and are new to the trekking hobby, Dodital is one the best place to walk in India. The adventure treks to the snowy mountains include camping around the pretty Dodi lake – a lake renowned for its Golden Mahseefish – with its woodland of oaks, pine trees, and rhododendron woods. Dodital is one of India’s best-known trekking sites.

  1. Chadar Trek

Those looking for some high-level adventure excursions in India have to go in winter to Ladakh. The Chadar Trek is the most challenging of all the winter adventures that one can choose in this area. The hiking adventure involves walking on an ice sheet created by the low temperature of –35 °C.

  1. Chopta Chandrashila Winter Trek

Some of the Indian Himalayan adventures take you to religious places of high altitude. The Chopta Chandrashila Winter Walk includes a walk towards the highest temple of Shiva is one such trekking adventure. The Deoria Valley and small villages located on the Chopta Valley are other attractions. Some of the birds you will find on this exciting hike are Himalayan Monal, Hill Prinia, Golden Eagle, and Lammergeier.

  1. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is one of North India’s best trekking spots. The trekking adventure through the beautiful forest continues to the snow-capped Uttarakhand lands. And there are beautiful camping areas with giant pines. This can be one of the best escapes for you if you have a simple hike among the green valleys of Uttarakhand!

  1. Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu is one of the most popular places for walking in the two states of Mechi in Nepal and in West Bengal in India. The charming surroundings and the natural beauty are the main factors. You will also witness the most famous summit of The Sleeping Buddha while on your trek. The upper body of Mt. Kanchenjunga is Mt. Kumbhakarna, which shapes Buddha’s faces and heads.

  1. Lamayuru – Alchi Trek

For those who would like to make a short and simple trek in the scenic slopes of Ladakh, Lamayuru and the Alchi are among the best trekking places in India. This hiking adventure is made all the more enduring because of the opportunity to interact with the people in the farthest villages and an option to visit a large number of monasteries.

  1. Roopkund Trek

You pass through simple tough routes to the beautiful Skeleton Lake, above the hill, on the moderately challenging road to Roopkund. You can have a 360-degree360 degree panoramic view of the Himalayas snow-covered and camp under the stars here. One of Northern India’s best trekking sites;

  1. Valley Of Flowers Trek

There is an explanation why UNESCO has included in its World Heritage Sites the long-discovered Valley of Flowers. The green valley with numerous vibrant, colorful flora, is also regarded as the residence of the local people, surrounded by the snowy mountains. And this too is hard to get to like all beautiful stuff. And if you’re ready for this walk, read through the all-inclusive guide to the Valley of Flowers to prepare it more effectively.

  1. Spiti Valley Trek

Spiti Valley, if not the highest, is certainly one of India’s best-hiking spots. The tough walk through the difficult mountain trails is the moderately challenging walk in the Spiti Valley. But it makes the effort completely worthy of the beauty and experience of living with the locals.

  1. Zanskar Trek

Zanskar is one of India’s most popular hiking spots and offers numerous adventure excursions. While Chadar Trek is a difficult adventure, in Ladakh there are simple routes such as Padum to Darcha. Among other attractions, this tour also involves a walk in the area of Kargil.

  1. Singalila Winter Trek

Very few adventure excursions in India provide views over some of the world’s highest peaks. And you can not see one but four of the mountains – Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and Lhotse – with the adventure to Singalila. And lucky ones might also find Tragopan and red pandas.

  1. Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is another favorite trek residing in the Kullu Valley because it offers beauty at every turn. Not only do you see green areas but snow-laden areas which make nature lovers pleasant to see. It is without any doubt one of India’s best-walking sites and attracted many trek enthusiasts last year, provided that it offers the most amazing views.

  1. Har Ki Dun Trek

Neither fantasy trek is so mythical as the one in the Valley of Gods. Har ki Dun trek is one of India’s best trekking spots. It provides magnificent views of the snowy mountains and small villages with Himachali architecture. This trek offers you a wonderful opportunity for a view while enjoying the spiritual atmosphere. You certainly have to explore this location if you are searching for the best treks in India!