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Keep Blogging for the long term without Losing willpower

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It is never easy to become a motivational writer. One of the most important suggestions for any writer – especially a self-help blogger – is to stay emotionally and spiritually healthy.


Motivation and willpower research.

understand What do bloggers need to do to stay motivated? Motivation has three major components.

  • Conscious  desires motivate us to achieve our goals.
  • Subconscious motivations are based on deeply held emotional beliefs that drive us forward.
  • We can build on our existing skills and abilities to accomplish our objectives.


When these three components occur altogether, people are pleased and become motivated. If one ingredient is missing, we need the willpower to fill the gap. Unfortunately,  willpower alone is not enough to keep us going in the long term.

This matters for bloggers who may have a lot of encouragement and energy when they first start blogging, but lose that energy when it takes time to build an engaged audience..

Researchers recommend building on intrinsic motivation using targeted incentives. These findings work for intuitive guide bloggers in some conditions but not in others.

To inspire you and blog for the long run, here are actionable blogging strategies to help you retain your willpower.

Attract positive feedback to motivate yourself


Reply to comments :- Understand that it is difficult for people to comment or share your posts. It is important to show that you are part of the conversation by answering each comment. Your purpose is to share your information and encourage others to join you.


Create a daily writing ritual:-  Performing the ritual allows you to get into blogging mode and helps you get started. Sometimes inspiration is all about making this a routine.


Get a blogging buddy:-  Get support from a coworker who is also blogging. The advantage is that you can help each other and make each other happy. You can also edit each other’s work.


Join a blogging group: –  Build a community around your Blogging. You can do this on social media also. Join social media groups and reach out to another motivational writer.


Build the writing habit


Show up for writing at the same time each day:-  This means either at the beginning of the day or the last thing before going to bed.


Make a special blog ritual:- Have a special place and things you do to prepare for a blog.


Try to write in public:-  Pack your computer or pad and go to your local coffee shop or park to change location.


Skip the words:- Use images or videos to create content. It helps to change things for both you and your audience.


Take a blogging break:-  Use this tactic with care since it’s really easy to fall off of the blogging platform. Keep going even if you’re tired or have no ideas because it’s easy to lose the blogging habit.


Plan for blog motivation success


Use an editorial calendar:-  A calendar is a nice way to scheme your content in advance around other promotions and occasions. It helps you think about articles that are relevant to your audience.


Maintain an ongoing list of possible topics.


Capture post ideas when you have them:-  Don’t assume that you’ll remember them. Notes and smartphones are good for organizing and keep track of information.


Gather blog inspiration


Answer customer questions:-  Collect a list of questions your customers or audience has and try to answer those questions.


Take ideas from employees:-  This is another great way to gather information from your staff members. Alternatively, interview your colleagues or guide them to help you.


Interview thought leaders and authors in your field:-  It helps you gain attention by association. Often, these people will help endorse your content.


Tap into current blog controversy:-  Convey your opinion or perspective on a hot topic.


Leverage recent news in your category:-  Read widely in your area. Find an angle that applies to your niche. It is also called newsjacking.


Take part in a  live event:-  Use these meetings to connect with other thought leaders and gather ideas for new posts.


Live blog conferences and events:- Share information that was given by others to keep your idea running.


Get social (promote your blog on social media)


Answer questions on forums and LinkedIn groups:-  This will provide content and facts for new blogs and articles.


Take part in a Twitter chat:-  You can write a post either in preparation for a conversation or in response to one.