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Keeping Guests Happy During Summer Layover

4 min read
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With the beginning of the summer season, do you also get the random feeling of listening to the doorbell even when no one is there at the doorstep? This is the clear sign that you are expecting a guest over and why not when you have so much fun during their visit?

Summer season means you will be enjoying long summer vacations however, this feeling can turn into a sad reality if you are not prepared with all the things at your home. For instance, air conditioning Sydney is yet to be installed in the guest room or the mattress placed needs a replacement since it’s no more comfortable.

To keep things under control at your home for the guests, we have prepared you with a list that will help you to make the right decisions:

  1. Placing comfortable cushions:

What is the first thing you ask your guests the moment they step into your house? To have a seat right! But imagine your guests are thereafter long hours of drive or a tiring flight and the moment they take a place on the couch they don’t have any cushion or the one you provided is causing more discomfort than leisure.

It will be an instant turn-off for them and you don’t want that so ensure your couch has enough cushion that is comfortable at its best. Apart from the comfort it also adds an aesthetic element to your living room since a lot of colors will make their place in your room along with classic designs. But make sure you are also picking the cushion covers that go well with the theme of your living room décor without compromising on the comfort factor.

  1. Mixing things up:

Following a style with a monotonous approach will pull down the theme of the room quite boring in no time. Instead of that, look to bring the touch of multiple styling ideas and how you can break the monotonous tone and make your living room look more complete.

Be it putting a vase with a strong statement to it or a bright colored frame that catches all the eyes on that plain-looking wall since it uplifts the essence of the space. Make a perfect setting by playing around with the magic elements of hue, comfort, and textures.

  1. Bring more greenery:

The best way to lift the mood of your living room is by placing some indoor plants there. If you think that taking care of the real plants would be too much then you can also bring artificial plants and it will be good as well.

Imagine how beautiful it would be to have a green contrast on a woody texture since one can’t go wrong with this beautiful combination. This would be something that will add a classic and homely touch to your living room and would be equally loved by your guest.

  1. Make a bracing bedroom:

Not all guests are there for few hours, some close ones tend to spend overnight at your place since you have a lot to talk over and spend quality time. Since they will be sleeping at your place, you have to prepare a bed for them and make sure that they embrace it with open arms.

Add in some fresh towels, spray some lavender fragrance mist that you have in your stock for such occasions, clean up the mess in that room and you are ready to go! If you have guests that do show each season then you should look to prepare a room that is prepared in advance all the time and turn it into a super comfy room.

  1. Cool things down:

Don’t miss the bigger things while putting your focus on every small detail! Summer won’t put your house in a pleasant temperature and on a typical sunny day, you can only enjoy with your guest if you have the facility of ducted air conditioning Sydney.

Don’t rely on a basic ceiling fan since it will only push the hot air in all the corners of the room but won’t make you’re living any pleasant. If you have been planning to buy an AC for some time then make sure to not go in any rush and think for the long term.

Committing to strong things will not only be a cost-saving method but will also keep your guests happy compared to the rented ones which might turn faulty at any point.

  1. Aesthetic light space:

Candles have that feel around them whenever you lit them up in any space and sets the mood for perfection. There are different sizes, colors, shapes, and fragrances available for multiple occasions. You just have to pick the right one and light it up as per the mood. It won’t only look good but make your house smell fresh.

So here we are, with our on-point tips that will help you to enjoy your time around with the guests in a sense of calm and soothing ambiance.