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Kerala’s 10 best places to visit

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The name cannot match any other state, God’s own nation. It’s magical to say that Kerala is a place for visitors in India. It’s not an exaggeration to say. Besides the most desired tropical climate, Kerala is also well known for its mountain stations, backwaters, rice and paddy fields, its beaches, forests, etc. What are Kerala’s best places to visit?


Backwaters made Kerala renowned worldwide. Do you think Kerala has an international beach with foreign tourists?


There are plenty more to find out about Kerala Tour Packages. In this article, we try to list the best places in Kerala to spend your time with friends, family, or friends.



  1. Kovalam


Kovalam will surprise you, as it is rare to even in its geographical position and form, making it one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Kovalam is one of India’s most uncommon crescent beaches. The beach’s shacks, spas, hotels at the beachfront, tattoos, body piercing and events are common. A lighthouse is also in Kovalam to view the ocean from the birds.


You can also visit sites such as Halcyon Castle, Valiyathura, rock-cut Vizhinjam cellar temple, the Parashurama Temple in Thiruvallam, etc., apart from the beach.



  1. Ponmudi


You can’t escape Trivandrum if you are after the best places in Kerala, not because it is Kerala’s capital. Trivandrum is a temple town that has a history of centuries and can be seen as you wander around. But few people know that Trivandrum is a peaceful and cool place.


It’s a wonder that this place is even about 65 kilometers away from the town, and it’s Ponmudi. If you think Thiruvananthapuram City has everything offered to you, you are wrong! The place has an opposite aspect to its normal comparison.



  1. Varkala


Varkala can be called a paradise for beach enthusiasts, at 51 kilometers north of Trivandrum. The place is popular not only because of its picturesque terrain but also because of the sacredness of the place.


Not just because it’s a popular beach, Varkala is special. The site still has its cultural value. For example, in Varkala, there is a 2 000-year-old temple in Vishnu and the world-famous Sivagiri Mutt.


Varkala also regarded him as holy because people come and give their beloved rituals, who have just died. The list is not finished here



  1. Munroe Island tour


Typically people think of Alappuzha in backwaters. However, in Kerala, near Trivandrum, there is a secret gem to be exact. This 8-island cluster is called Munroe Island and it cannot be defined what landscapes this place has to offer.


The island was named after the so-called master brain behind the island of resident Colonel John Munroe, as we can now see.


You will be able to take a boat trip across the island’s narrow waterways and enjoy an elegant luxurious stay in the resort.


It’s a remote area and it really is safer if you’ve bought anything from the town itself to shop on Munroe Island – Munroe Island.



  1. Alleppey


For a good reason, Alleppey is called East Venice. Visually impressive are the complex backwaters of the regions and they are like Venice. Joining the exquisite view to Alleppey is easily enjoyed by a dream houseboat trip.


The above houseboat is something you can try, it’s something that rarely happens in your life.


However, there are small boats, which carry you hourly through tangled canals, if you’re someone who wants to experience Alleppey in its best form. The houseboat or the reverse waters will not finish in Alleppey.



  1. Kuttanad


Like Alleppey Kuttanad, he is happy to be filled with vegetation and backwater. Because of the vast area of rice fields in the area, it is called the rice bowl of Kerala. The rice fields are a structure-like green bed if we look far away. And Kuttanad is probably the only place in the world where rice is grown below sea level, the bizarre but incredible thing.


Places that you need to watch while at Kuttanad include Punnamada, Pamba, Alapuzha, Bhagavathy, Chettikulangara, St Mary’s Church, Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple, Florence Forance Church, and so on.



  1. Cochin


Cochin is one of the best places to visit in Kerala where you can easily merge. Where you’re from doesn’t matter. With the contact with the people there or acceptance of culture, Cochin will make you feel relaxed.


Kochi is a harbor town, and because of it, there and here you can remember the culture of Dutch, Portuguese, Jewish, and British citizens. Thus in the nook and corner of the area, a mixture of culture and cuisine is apparent.



  1. Peerumedu


Peermade is located in the magic district of Idukki. Peermade differs slightly from the other locations when it comes to the best places in Kerala.


If you are curious, Peermade isn’t packed with trees, just like every other mountain station. This site is slightly like the Alps, with the exception of the snow.


In Peermade, you need to look for attractions like Madama Kulam, Thrissanku, Panchalimedu, Peru Hills, Grampa, Amritha medu, etc.



  1. Idukki


It would be Idukki if there were a heaven on earth. In this mountain area, you can see nature in its finest form. If you’re a quiet person than overcrowded towns,


Idukki thrives on the wild, lush greenery, reservoirs, and dams, besides being a picturesque hill station, awaiting you to be explored. Idukki is also said to be popular for visiting the best places in Kerala.



  1. Munnar


Munnar is one of the world’s most celebrated, unique and beautiful tea-planting areas and a jewel of Kerala’s places to visit. Because of the surplus visitors to the site, Munnar might sound cliche. Nevertheless, few people know that there are so many peaceful and silent areas in Munnar.


Since the geography of the site is the name Munnar itself. Munnar lies on Mattupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru banks, three rivers


Besides tea plantations, Munnar has hills and mountains that are occasionally obscured by nebula.