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Kilt for men

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Kilt for men

Dated back to the 16th century, the tactical kilt for men has its fair share of the Scottish heritage. Highlanders in Scotland first began to wear dresses made out fo a thick woven cloth. Just like today, history depicts that the skirts were widely accepted and loved by the men for their comfort and mobility. The cold and damp weather of the highland made it nearly impossible for men to march the land with trousers or pantaloons; thus, kilts started getting tailored by the locals,

Did the scots wear kilts in the battle?

Scottish gents wore the kilt in the first world war. Before that, there is not much clue in the history of the Scottish men wearing dresses in battle far. In the second world war, the regiments of the Scottish Commonwealth entered the battlefield wearing the killed. During the war, it was kilted began considering impractical dress regarding the battle and was later terminated.

Why did the scots wear kilts instead of pants?

I have mentioned one reason as to why Scottish men preferred wearing a kilt instead of their good ole pants. The men in highland used to wrap their skirts around their body at nighttime for the sake of sleeping. In the beginning, along with kilts, people in Scotland wore dresses whereas the other wore trousers. As time moved, Tartan pattern for the kilted skirt was made was specified for the clan.

Is it disrespectful to wear a kilt?

Even if you do not belong to any specific clan, you can still wear the kilt with great enthusiasm. There is a universal tartan pattern that can be worn by the non-scots as well as the scots too. Secondly, you must be aware of the event for which you want to wear the kilt. Casual events require different kilted skirts, whereas formal events need an entirely different dress.

How to wear a kilt?

Sometimes, the non-Scottish men find it difficult to wear the kilt right way. The pleats of kilt for men must come on the rare side, and the apron lies on the front of the dress. It is high waisted apparel that lies just over the knees. Besides that, anyone who was not to wear the kilt is required to wear the accessories too such as sporran, clan badge, and sagian dubbah, Tactical Kilt Multicam 5.11


Kilt for men is a perfect dress for the highlanders back in the 16th century. It is essential to know the right measurement before ordering the skirts. The knee-high apparel looks stunning with the accessories. The dress was also worn in world war one and world war 2. However, soon after the second world war broke, the Scottish men forbid the kilts to be worn in the battlefield.