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Learning Disorders in Children; how online learning can support student

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A learning disorder is a big problem for your child’s future. When a student is trying hard and still struggles with a particular set of skills over time, it could be an indication of a learning disorder. Learning disabilities are umbrella terms for an extensive variety of learning problems. A learning disorder is not a problem with motivation or intelligence and children with learning disorder are not dumb or lazy. Their brains are wired differently and this difference affects how they receive information and process them.  All adults and children who face disabilities like to hear, see and understand things differently may lead to trouble with learning new skills and information and putting them to use.


The very common types of learning disorders involve problems with writing, reasoning, reading, math, speaking and listening. So, if your child has faced any difficulty with their home-work and a specific area of learning is consistently hard then it might indicate a learning disability in your child. For those students, Homeschooling is the best option because they feel bad in face to face learning, when they did not participate in-class activities. Most people who have attended an Online High school will certify that the experience of online education has a specific advantage that is unavailable to people who attend a physical school. Like, online schools offer flexibility, less expensive, which is helpful for people with changing schedules. One of the main advantages that people recognize online education is easier for a student with a learning disorder.

Isberne online school:

Isberne online school provides unique online courses and also a homeschooling provider as well. We believe that all our students should receive learning appropriate to their interest, ability and need. We are NEASC accredited and we offer an American Online curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12.

Benefits of Online education:

Online education gives students with learning disorders a comfortable and safe environment. The bad reality of other schools is that teasing and bullying are likely to happen, often at the cost of the student who does not learn more quickly than their peers. When children participate in online education, they can learn at their own pace without any burden. Help is available at any time for struggling students. Every student learns in a different method, with a variety of reading, videos and many other ways for every subject. And if a student feels that they want extra help for their online particular subject then they can receive tutoring when they need it. Here are few symptoms of learning disorders;

  • Students feel trouble in recognizing the items by shape and size.
  • They are unable to follow and understand the instructions.
  • They can’t tell right from left.
  • When they move around, they show lacking coordination.
  • After first and second grade, they reverse the words, letters and numbers.
  • The big problem which they face is, not remembering what was just read.
  • Learning disordered students are not able to do the task with hands like, drawing, writing, and cutting as well.
  • Sometimes, they are not able to understand the concept of time, that is how they divide.

Teacher support:

Learning disordered students is a big challenge for teachers as well as parents also. And only 5% of teachers thought that they could teach the child with learning disorders. Because in this way, teachers require a different type of competencies, that is personalizing the instructions for a single student. Teachers must have support for the students with effective learning methods throughout the process.

Accessibility for students:

Online education must be accessible for the children like, give the media and provide them access to screen reading facilities. Any in house course teacher should be supported to maximize the best fit between the language used and the reading skills of the child, so they can improve without any additional effort.

Family responsibility:

All the parents have extra responsibility in online education. They should monitor progress, facilitate instructions. The very important thing is that parents and teachers meet to discuss the needs of students with disabilities and help students ensure their child’s specific weakness and they need to address it.

In conclusion:

These are only a few advantages that online schools offer to the learning disordered students. While it is a unique option for every student because online education should be examined as a viable option for a disordered child. Parents, teachers and other students should help these students. When parents recognize what type of learning disorder in their child, educate your-self about this specific weakness and the child in online learning and pursue treatment at home. But a survey from the Association on high education and disordered student federation found that the students with disabilities feel more difficulty with accessing the internet, technology, video calls, by using new apps, training and support, also the course assessments and layouts. As well as using the learning management system and lack of communication with teachers all those aspects are not good for disable students.