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Leisure T-Shirt Gaining The Market Popularity Over Time

4 min read

The fashion market is very vulnerable with new trends hitting every day with people embracing the change with open arms. Fancy t-shirts aren’t a surprise to be the top choice for most individuals since they can go mostly with all the theme selections of an individual and you can choose a lot of available styling options.

With the process of dye sublimation Vancouver you can get the customization done with your t-shirts, and the range can be extended to ladies’ tops, yoga and track pants, sportswear, and much more.

Fashion should never compromise or get in the way of your comfort and hence you have to believe to regardless of your pick, you have to get out wearing that uplifts your looks, mood, and confidence.

A perfect combination of your clothes should provide you the comfort, improves the fashion essence, and get going with the styling. This way you can move ahead at each with the fast-paced lifestyle and all hustle-bustle it puts us through.

Apart from that, even the sportsperson can take advantage of their athleisure apparel. It allows them to use the outfit with their daily routine, stay at their comfort, be flexible and get going with the features like quick-drying, resistance from odor, moisture-wicking, and long-lasting.

Now that we have seen t-shirts are covering a range of people, age, race, and community, there is one thing all prefer for a little touch-up, the print. Wearing a t-shirt with fancy prints, quotes, or symbols either represents your ideology or something that you adore.

This shoots up the demand for such printed t-shirts in the market. Now then a new demand is there in the market with the manufacturers and since the trend of t-shirt wearing never fades, they prefer to use the method of screen printing Vancouver.

This is a safe bet taken by them since t-shirts are here to stay with us no matter what happens, no matter which field we are talking about. Look around you and you see people using them with their daily morning walk, sports persons wearing them, girls carrying them for office, the party demands light t-shirt and much more!

A t-shirt has that subtle catch with it that provides you the pivotal point while dealing designing through digital or screen printing process.

With our prompt research and talks with all the designers as well as consultors, we concluded that in current trends, t-shirts are produced at mass using sublimation and heat transfer paper.

But what are the key factors that we got to know and how you should remain in knowledge for the same? Let’s find out:

  1. The first point is more surrounded by the trend going in the athleisure and whether sublimation or heat transfer applications are doing them justice with the patterns. There are various other variations as well that come in but poly clear gloss sublimation printing usually becomes the first pick of an individual in the market amongst all.


Apart from this, the usual picks seen with the big trend around the world are metallic and foils which is clear to catch in the fashion world 2021. The sublimation process with t-shirt printing ensures that foiling goes all well where the heat setting process is done.


  1. Knowing the current technology used in the market for meeting the large demand for t-shirts does help you to get sustainability in the long run. Most of the big guns of the market focus on direct to fabric or DTG methods these days where they also have a larger range of color options to choose from.


Designers then go around experimenting with the dye-sub paper process to take out the best result. The end product comes to put on a display of bright color shades and flesh tones than before. Direct to fabric method or DTG provides you the upper hand where you can capitalize on saturated garment printing compared to what you generally see with fibers.


  1. Now in the final point, we will see what are the challenges an organization has to go through while dealing with these applications and what is the final impact this has in their role with their products if not all the orderly applications are taken care of.

It has to be assured that the alignment is set perfectly with the direct to garment method so that the print can be taken out perfectly. The process has to be stopped for avoiding a false result if you see any friction or if there is an off-angle while you went wrong with placing them in the machine.

This is because if you skip all the important steps then the color of the garment would start to wash away quickly than what you would expect or if not the least will be there is a downgrade with their color contrast. Hence the customers won’t be picking on the garments that show poor color consistency.