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NanoSniffer™- Explosive Trace Detector

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Before moving to the NanoSniffer™, it is essential to know about the exact meaning of the explosive trace detectors. When it comes to gaining knowledge about these kinds of detectors then you will have plenty of things to know. It is explosive detection equipment that is useful for finding several explosives of small magnitudes. In addition to it, several devices are similar to the explosive trace detector which is used for detecting narcotics.

This kind of equipment is used in the specific areas of airports and various areas which are under the category of unlawful interference. In addition to it, these detectors are also fruitful in those areas which have the chances of placing the harmful material. There are various characteristics of the explosive trace detector. In addition to it, here is a list of the characteristics of this detector.

Sensitivity The detection limit is categorized as the least amount of explosive matter. The detector can easily detect. In addition to that, it explicates the term of the pico-grams, nano-grams, or the femto-grams. Not only this but it also expresses the term in ppt, ppb, or ppq. Moreover, sensitivity is an essential characteristic. It is because the majority of the explosive consists of low vapor pressure.

If the detector has high sensitivity then it is worthy of detection.

  1. Light-weight 

Several portable explosive detectors are also available which are lightweight. Due to it, the user does not find any difficulty in holding it. There is also one advantage of the lightweight detector is that it can be kept on top of the robots.

  1. Size

The size of the Explosive Trace Detector requires too small so that it can be a sense in the explosives area where it is hard to reach. These places include the under the car or trash canes, and several other small areas.

If you are looking for the best explosive trace detector then you can consider the best NanoSniffer™ explosive trace detector. These immense features grab the attention of the buyer. There are several things you should know about it which clear your confusion.

The NanoSniffer™ is a great, fruitful, advanced, and low-cost trace Explosive Trace Detector. It is useful in exploiting the physical nature of the explosive while the detection. In addition to it, this technology has relied on Micro-sensors, intelligent mathematical algorithms, and high sensitivity & high-speed electronic instrumentation. Moreover, this Explosive Trace Detector is a blend of great features which are fruitful in detecting the explosive material.

The unique features of the NanoSniffer™ explosive trace detector make it unique and fruitful from the other trace detector. In addition to it, here is the list of some features of this explosive trace detector.

  • It does not require any kind of carrier gas/dopant.
  • This NanoSniffer™ does not need any kind of radioactive source.
  • The notable point about this explosive trace detector is that it is based on the micro-sensor.
  • It has the feature of Rapid clear down-time.
  • One can easily examine the data in the offline mode.
  • It helps in detecting the explosive material within 10 seconds or less than it.
  • It can be also helpful in detecting the “nanogram” quantities of explosive traces.
  • This great security system provides video and audio alerts which include a sunlight-readable color display.
  • It does not give any response regarding the odor of some non-explosive material. The non-explosive material can be medicine, perfume, and so on.
  • It has a low operational cost per annum as compared to the various other explosive trace detector or other foreign OME’s.
  • It restricts the contamination from the weather, dirt, humidity, and dust.
  • Further, its operation does not affect electromagnetic interference or EMI and from any other electrical devices.

These are some features of this explosive trace detector that makes it the supreme choice of the masses. So after knowing all of the features, you will have great clarity about this detector. In addition to that, it will make the work easier and detect the explosive material in the public areas.

In the end, the security of the public is essential especially from the explosive material. To enhance security this explosive trace detector is best.