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Pokemon birthday game.

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So, do you love Pokemon, and have anyone been approaching their birthday? Don’t be afraid, help is here. My two youngest children love Pokemon. They are 6 and 9 years old. What do you call Pokemon? The Japanese translation of Pokemon means “Pokemon”. The crazy character turns into another character and uses the movements of Pokemon to deal with each other’s “fight” and “damage”. 

This epidemic started in Japan but is very popular here in the United States. Every Pokemon character has an HP number and how much does the Pokemon cost? Cards with high HP are very popular. Anyway, go back to your party question. I had a great Pokemon party on my son’s 9th birthday. 

She liked him and her friends were very happy. Below are some great ideas that are easy and cost-effective to follow. One night I sat down and brought some easy games. That’s what I have to do and it will be fun to play. Below is a comprehensive list of games we invented and read to get more information on each. Remember, it’s easy, fun, rude, and tells you exactly how I did it and what you need:

Pokeball transfer.

o Secure the tail with a fork.

o Throw darts from balloons with Pokemon.

o Track Pokemon Masters.

o Diagnosis of Griser bean bag

  1. Move the monster ball. If you are a little familiar with Pokemon, you probably know about Pokebo Ball. To play this game, I went to a craft store and bought a large Styrofoam ball that would cost $ 5 to $ 11. When I was in the craft store, I also bought a red washable craft paint. Paint half of the ball with red paint, let it dry, and then use black duct tape to wrap the white styrofoam in a circle that matches the red paint. He made the perfect monster ball for a visit now

Fast, easy, and cheap. Then there was a small (cheap) keyboard that could be automatically set to play music. If you don’t have a keyboard, use something that can record music, a CD player, an instrument, a drum kit, a guitar, or something that can be started instead of music. Let all the boys sit in a circle, and they have to move the Pokeball in a circle. They can’t throw the ball. Then I turned on the music on the keyboard, closed my eyes, and stopped after 20-30 seconds. I closed my eyes without knowing when the music would stop or who would hold the ball. When the music stops, the ball stopper stops and you play again until there is only one person left. Give the rest of the player’s party prizes.

Supply overview:

  1. Large Styrofoam hair.

Second, red craft paint.

  1. Attach the tail to the cook. Pacquiao is one of the main Pacquiao characters, and if your child likes Pacquiao, you will love Pacquiao. In this game, I was able to take good pictures of Pikachu. I used a photo from my Pokemon Handbook, but if you don’t have one, use a Picasso Pokemon card or print a Picasso photo on Pokemon.com. 

I bought 10 white posters at a discount store. Look at the drawing and draw a large peacock drawing that covers most (one) of the poster. Don’t choke him. Draw a coffee pack (in the form of an electric bolt) using a separate poster for each party member. 

After pulling and spitting Pakachu, I asked the children to apply Pakachu and a tail. Cut off the tail of the cook. I had an old corkboard that I could attach this pin to a Pakacho game, so I had a strong back and could hang it from the outside. Put each party guest’s name on one tail and add a strip of double-sided tape before playing. 

When you’re ready to play the game, blindfold the party guests and twist them twice in a circular motion toward Pikachu. The tail should be placed there so that it does not get in the way wherever it touches the Pikachu. Otherwise, the kids who went to the last place will know where the tails of the other kids are. Reward the party guests who will guide you to the destination as close as possible to the tail of Pikachu.