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Canada is the first picked country among international students. Every year many aspirants from several countries landed there for study purposes. Most of them are from India. Affordable tuition expenses and high-quality education is the prime reason behind its popularity. As per the latest study, the world university ranking of 2020 consists of the popular names of the 35 universities of Canada. And, you would be amazed to know 5 were able to rank in the top 100 list. 


Another benefit why students like to enroll in Canadian universities is its diverse culture. People here are carrying an open heart and accept everyone with a pleasant smile. Thus, there is no chance of discrimination. It offers easy PR policies as well. There are tremendous advantages which we are going to share with today. The visa processing quite needs some requirements which every candidate needs to fulfill. We would like you to consult with the Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar to get the full information.


What are the top universities of Canada?


There are several options of Canadian universities and institutes students have to choose from as per their requirement. As we already mentioned the 5 Canadian universities are included in the top 100 list in the World University Ranking of 2020. Here we mentioned the best five universities of Canada you can consider for your great future: 


University University Rank 2020
University of Toronto 18
University of British Columbia 34
McGill University 42
McMaster University 72
University of Montrael 85


These are the popular universities that offer numerous high-paying UG, PG, and many short-term courses. The University of Ottawa, University of Alberta, University of Calgary have also come under the prominent list of top universities of Canada. You can research before application and it is good to take the guidance from the Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar for detailed knowledge. 


What are the top study programs in Canada?


Canada university offers master’s programs, undergraduate degrees, and short duration courses. The length of the master course is 1.5 to 2 years whereas a bachelor study program has a duration of 3 to 4 years. The short-term courses are highly popular among international students. These courses are designed only for 6 months or less. 


Engineering & technology, medicine, arts, business & finance, Agriculture science and forestry, health care, media, and journalism are the top study programs in Canada to get jobs. Many universities invite applications during the winter semesters. To get enrolled in the UG and PG courses, apply in the month of December-March (Fall semester) and September-November (winter semester). On the other hand, Diploma courses invite applications throughout the year.

What is the admission procedure to study in Canada? 


The major requirement to get admission to the top Canadian institutes and universities are listed below:


  • CV or Resume
  • Certificate of secondary school (If applying for a bachelor degree)
  • Graduation degree (If applying for masters degree)
  • Proof of financial assistance
  • Reference letters
  • Valid evidence of English ability.
  • Certified translation of non-English transcripts


How to get a study permit in Canada?


Canada has a transparent and easy student visa policy. The whole visa application process takes 11 weeks. It is valid till the duration of the study program. An additional time of 90 days will be allotted to the student. A letter of acceptance, Valid passport, statement of purpose, 2 passport size photographs, and proof of financial support required to complete the procedure. So, these are the major documents and essentials you need at the time of getting a study permit. You can get brief knowledge from the Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar for more clearance. 


How to get PR after studying in Canada?


Getting PR or permanent residency in Canada is simple after getting a degree from a popular Canadian university. The government has initiated many programs which allow an international student to get PR with ease. Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is designed for the recently graduated candidates to acquire job experience within the relevant industry.


Look at these below options for the international aspirants to get a PR in Canada:


  • Quebec Experience Class: A candidate must be competent in the French language. Along with it, he/she has to complete a CEGEP program from Quebec’s institute. 
  • Canadian Experience Class: An aspirant has to fulfill the 2 years of education and job experience after the bachelor (1 Year).
  • Provincial Nomination Program: Students are entitled to get PR at the fastest rate if undertaking this program.  


Connect with the team of the study visa consultants in Jalandhar for all visa and PR-related inquiries. 


Few important things you must keep in consideration to study in Canada:


  • MBA is the highest paying course in Canada. 
  • Canada offers fully-funded scholarships to talented international students. 
  • There are no age restrictions to apply for the Canadian student VISA. A student with high age has to give valid explanations regarding the gap in the study.
  • Students are entitled to get paid on an hourly basis for freelance or part-time work in Canada. 



Hence, these are the major requirements every student has to complete to get admission to the top Canadian university. Canada offers rich culture and interactive social life. Innovation and technology is the main part of the land. Thus, if you want to reshape your career and future can explore your career in Canada. 



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