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Reasons for using IP telephony

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In view of the advantages that the use of Internet telephony entails for communications, many experts say that in the near future this technology will completely replace traditional mass communications.

So, what are the main reasons that allow us to believe that the use of IP-telephony will give us great advantages over traditional communication.

In principle, IP-telephony allows us to significantly reduce communication costs, since at present the cost of installing devices based on this technology is approximately 30% cheaper in comparison with traditional telephone systems.

On the other hand, the costs are also reduced on the cost of the service itself, since the cost of an IP-telephony tariff plan for a subscriber can be only 50% of the cost of standard national and international calls.

In addition, for internal calls of the service (from one IP-telephony subscriber to another) there is no charge for this type of communication, which makes it an ideal solution for enterprises, especially those with branches in other cities or countries.

Also, we must not forget about a significant improvement in the quality of communication in the latest versions of IP-telephony devices, this also applies to improving the quality of facsimile communication and solving the problem of a busy line.

Benefits of VoIP Auto Dialers

The benefits of VoIP Auto Dialers answered. Many people our familiar with predictive auto dialers. However recently with the help of the Internet, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, has combined with the traditional methods of a predictive autodialing. The VoIP Auto dialers offer the same quality as the old predictive LAN line based dialers. However now the calls are placed over the VoIP auto dialers. This provides a crystal clear call as well as lowering the monthly phone bills.

VONaLink ScreenPop – VoIP Software to Restrict Outbound Phone Numbers

VONaLink ScreenPop software works with any SIP based VoIP phone system to restrict the dialing out of undesired phone numbers.

How Telemarketing Can Improve Your Business

Generating new business is one of the constant problems for any company. It can be expensive, but most of all it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. One of the ways of generating new business and which has become popular in the last few years is to use telemarketing. However, the problem is that setting up an in-house telemarketing team is extremely expensive, and for this reason many companies are looking to outsource their telemarketing activities. This article will look at the benefits of hiring a telemarketing agency.