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Safety distance from electrical transformers

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The sources of electromagnetic pollution around us are continually increasing. From outside buildings, power lines, electrical transformers or cell phone, wireless internet, radio or television antennas are part of the landscape of any of our cities.

Inside the house we find the bases of wireless landlines, routers that emit Wi-Fi signal or mobile phones, which emit radio frequency electromagnetic waves and generate strong electromagnetic fields.

In recent years, electromagnetic pollution has increased the population’s concern about its potential harmful effects. The higher the level of exposure on people, the greater the adverse effects on human health. And one of the biggest problems with electromagnetic radiation, in addition to its effects, is that they cannot be detected by any of our five senses.

Electrical transformers are used to transform the electrical currents that circulate in electrical substations and electrical distribution networks, and are also present in multiple electrical appliances and household appliances in our homes. Electrical transformers transform some electrical quantities (voltage and current) into others, and all the energy they absorb generates electromagnetic fields.

Safety distance from a transformer to a home

It is very common, just before acquiring a used home, to ask what is the home’s safety distance from the nearest electrical transformer. The current law does not establish any safety distance between a transformation center and a residential home. Furthermore, the transformer can even be housed inside the walls, adjacent to a house or commercial premise.

You should not be alarmed, because urban transformer centers, the transformers that transform electrical current from medium voltage to low voltage, are confined in specially prepared cabinets to limit the radiation that they can emit to the outside. The concrete envelopes, and the rest of the requirements required by the regulations, are more than enough to protect us from possible electromagnetic emissions.

Radiation electrical transformers

Electric fields, and magnetic fields, are invisible areas of energy that we also call radiation. This radiation is produced by electricity, by the movement of electron particles, current, on a wire.

Electric fields are produced whether the device is on or off, it is independent. But magnetic fields are produced only when electric current is flowing, and they require the device to be turned on. Transmission lines produce magnetic fields continuously, because electric current always flows through them.

Walls and other objects act as a shield and easily weaken electric fields. In contrast, magnetic fields can pass through buildings, living organisms, and most materials.

Electric transformer in community of owners

First of all, it is necessary to differentiate between high voltage transformers and medium voltage transformers. High voltage transformers are those that could, in the long term, harm health.

On the other hand, medium voltage transformers that transform to low voltage are increasingly being installed inside built buildings. Current regulations oblige the builder, or the developer of the housing block or the installer of the electrical system, to install the electrical transformer inside the building.

Electrical transformers can no longer be buried, nor can they be installed outside a shed. Current law requires electrical transformers installed on public roads to be relocated inside buildings to supply them with electricity.

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