Soar High in the Sky with This Anniversary Watch: A Review of Rolex GMT-Master II 116718

On the 50th birthday of the famed Rolex GMT-Master, the Swiss brand unveiled a surprise for both collectors and fans. It’s none other than the redesigned GMT-Master II 116718LN. As expected from a Rolex creation, it is packed with exquisite features that appeal even to the most discerning customers.

Let’s find out more about what it has in store, shall we?

The Flashy Green Dial

Just like us, you won’t also get enough of the eye-catching colour combo of a new or used Rolex GMT-Master II 116718. It is crafted from 18ct yellow gold and boasts of a black bezel. However, what really steals the limelight is the ceramic bezel, which is called ‘Cerachrom’ by Rolex. It is an ultra-resistant material that is impermeable to fading and scratching. Thanks to these attributes, the sports watch’s toughness factor is further increased. The bi-directional rotatable bezel is also marked with 24-hours that, aside from the minute and central hour hands, as well as an arrow tipped GMT-hand, enable you to keep track of three separate time zones while globe-trotting.

Customization with Diamonds

The Rolex GMT Master ii has a lot to offer in terms of the features, designs, and custom concerns. One of those is the custom Rolex GMT Master which utilizes diamond stones to make every timepiece much more special and luxurious. The diamonds are carefully embedded on the timepiece, making sure that it will uphold quality and elegance. Also, there’s no need to worry since the artisans are well-trained and are professionals in this kind of job.

The Maxi Dial

A new addition to this GMT-Master II model is the ‘maxi dial’, which gives it a more contemporary and updated appearance. In the light, the gold hands and the huge luminescent accented gold hour markers create a beautiful contrast with the dial’s signature green shade. On the other hand, they give off a blue glow that can last for up to eight hours when in the dark. Rolex also values authenticity; thus, its name is repeatedly engraved on the inner bezel ring. This way, a replica can easily be spotted. Thumbs up!

Price and Finance Options

The Rolex GMT Master 2 is an affordable model of luxury watch with all the quality and sense. If you are looking for a timepiece to help you look elegant and luxurious along with its utility, then this is what you need. So, the price of this has a minimum amount of 30,000 GBP. There are also other offers such as the Rolex GMT Master ii UK that can be cheaper than some online and physical stores. Also, this is brought by the Rolex GMT Master sale UK and Londonthat promotes affordability for the customers.

In terms of finance, there is Rolex GMT Master Finance that aims to help the customers with their payment, inquiry, and other concerns. Good thing, Rolex GMT Master offers a lot of ways such as banks, online platforms, and money transfers as long as it is trusted by them. Another thing, if you are the customer that looks for a cheaper price, then you must try a second hand Rolex GMT Master. Literally, this is a pre owned piece but rest assured that the quality and restoration are visible. Compared to a brand new one, this is way cheaper and there are instances wherein vintage pieces can be purchased.

After all, there are lots of models to choose from made both for men and women.

Size Matters

Yes, a Rolex GMT-Master II 116718 for sale retains its 40mm case size. However, it wears bigger on the wrist. Now, it’s your call whether you want that or not. The Oyster case’s shape is squarer than it was before. On the other hand, the lugs are wider, lending the wristwatch a more substantial presence and masculine aura. This restyling deals with the concern that some had with the 40mm Rolex sports pieces not keeping pace with the current trend of larger watches.

The Triplock triple waterproofness system on the screw-down crown is another key enhancement spotted on the case. It replaces its Twinlock mechanism predecessor and does a great job in ensuring that the watch is water-resistant to 330 feet. So, it deserves a kudos indeed!

See? A new or pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II 116718 has a lot of brilliant features designed for meticulous wearers. This luxury watch is a testament to the Swiss company’s prowess and magnificence when it comes to crafting timepieces that exude style and functionality at its finest.

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