Striking Facts You Can Learn From Live Mobile Location Tracker Online App About Your Kid

People of ancient times lived a stressed-free life I am sure. I mean they must have problems to discuss like how many months it will take to reach another town,or how will they contact each other or where to stay, etc but they were free of the stress caused by these machines and smart gadgets and as they did not have to raise a supposedly tech-savvy generation at that time. That time was free of technology and despite many other big problems, they had each other as a family. Here I am listening to lies and lies from everyone and am so mad and done with this life.

My twins were apparently in the cold war for the last few days but our parents don’t get involved in that kind of war because we are talking about blood, sweat, and tears. So we just wait and wait when they both explode and then we take our safe positions. So last night’s dinner was the explosion time and as we both were silently trying to gulp food inside when they both were shouting and accusing each other about all the past mistakes and how they got their back. Yes, that’s the secrets reveling party time for us. We were listening when a sudden revelation was way out of our league to silently let pass. The boy was missing his evening classes for the last two months and was spending time with God knows whom and where. There were 30 seconds silent and ofcourse, it was his turn to attack and he surely threw a big bomb.The girl is trying to get a part-time job out of town and she already has given the interview. The nature of a part-time job is not even worth describing here but his father found it “hideous and awful’ and that’s all I am going to say.

Both of them were ordered to go into their room andmy husband made few calls. I just sat there as the thoughts about how we will handle all this did not let me move from the dinner table. My husband just told me that everything will be sorted out tomorrow and this kind of unannounced absentees from evening class or town will never happen again. He was so sure that I thought that maybe he has some plan in his mind. Well turned out he surely had a great plan and name is OgyMogy.

It offers many features but one of the best that we needed the most was the live mobile location tracker online features.This feature can help you in the following ways and more.

  • Find out About the Real-Time location of the target person
  • Know the pinpoint exact location of the target on the Google Map
  • Get reports about the movements andwhereabouts of the target

Here are some striking facts that we have learned about our kid’s movements and whereabouts with OgyMogy live mobile location tracker online app.

They Often Skip School:

With the live mobile location tracking app for the teen,now we can check their real-time location at any given time. So by usingthis feature we found out that both of them skip school quite frequently without any fear. The girl however does it once a month but we must take some serious strict action against the boy.Maybe we should just change their school.

Boy Like To Play Guitar:

Well, one of the main reason the boy skip school is that he often visits a nearby musical store. Turned out he likes to play guitar and the store owner teach him some time free of cost. As he is available in the school times he skips school forthe guitar classes.  Well, way to go my boy but theseare not how thingswork in the real world you will surely learn it the hard way I guess.

We Know The Girl’s Favorite Job Place:

With theuse of the GPS location tracking feature, we have found out about the new job place of the girl. Turned out she took his brother with her on the next trip but was rejected in the final assessment session.

We now know about their secret hideout places and much more with just a few clicks all thanks to the OgyMogyspy app.



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