Summer Preparation for Your Air Conditioning

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Many people using an air conditioning unit complain about their device malfunctioning or not performing well enough during summer. It is true that the temperature is increasing every year, the device which you rely on to keep you comfortable must give the money’s worth.

Most of the homemakers are not well educated about how an air conditioner works and how it cools down their homes. You might feel that air conditioning installation London is easy.

Just like any other electronic device, an air conditioning unit depends upon some external factors for optimal performance.

If you are not providing these working conditions, then you might not get the best cooling experience from your house air conditioner. You will feel the brunt of these mistakes, especially during the hot months.

Safety precautions

The components include electrical wires and coils, some of which may have damaged insulation. Use gloves to avoid any scratches or if you are allergic to dust, go for goggles. But it is advised you get a helping hand from the air conditioning service in London while dealing with electrical components.

Before doing anything related to maintenance of the device, turn the power off. Safety should always be your priority. If you are working on the condenser, disconnect it too, by pulling the lever or the circuit breaker in the nearby disconnect box.

The condenser uses a capacitor, which is a component that stores electrical charge. So give it some time to discharge the charge in it, to avoid any accidents.

Get Ready for the Summer Heat

Here are a few things you could do before summer hits, to help your air conditioner work properly. Most of these are simple tasks that you can do by yourself. Just be careful you do not take up any complex repairs for which you need assistance from air conditioning maintenance London.

Clean Condenser Unit

The condenser unit outside has to go through all the poor weather the entire year. If you want to keep it for a long time, cover it up when it is not in use. A simple plywood board above the condenser unit could do a better job than leaving it open.

If you have the condenser unit placed in the yard, keep the surroundings clean. Even though most of these devices have a grill covering the sides, grass, leaves, or even small twigs may enter the unit.

All you need is a garden hose and water for cleaning it. Just keep a low pressure as the fins surrounding the coil are very sensitive and might bend upon high pressure.

Just hose down all the contaminants that got inside. Use no chemical cleaner as you do not want a corroded coil in the future.

Check Electrical Insulation

There will be many electrical wires passing inside and outside the condenser unit. Make sure these wires are properly insulated, if not contact a professional from air conditioning repair London.

The advantage of having a professional do the job for you is that they carry specialized equipment to measure the voltages needed for each of these components.

There are cases where rats lay their nests inside the condenser unit. This increases the chances of the wires being bitten or disconnected. Even the best air conditioner for the bedroom will not work if the unit has loose or damaged wiring.

Change Filters

The filters are devices used to keep solid contaminants out from the refrigerant and the unit. The pollutants from outside are filtered out, which might include dust, dirt, and even allergens and bacteria that are harmful to your health.

If you are using replaceable filters, check them once a month and get a new one if needed. It is a good practice to use a reusable filter that is easier to clean, by just washing off particles collected in it.

The reusable filters last longer and can reduce the operational cost of the AC. Consult with your air conditioning service in London and get the best size and type of filter for your needs.

Drain Line Unclogging

There are a few signs that your air conditioning unit might display in case of a clog in the drain line. You need to identify these and clean the drain line, otherwise, algae can build up over time.

To clean up the line, just pour one cup of bleach down the drain and rinse it with some water.

Other Factors

Test the Thermostat

Thermostats control the residential air conditioning unit and regulate the temperature inside to a set value. A programmable thermostat can help you save sizable sums on your energy bills.

The thermostat needs to be in good operational condition to control the temperature inside your home. Any air conditioning company London will tell you the importance of having a thermostat in the heating and cooling operations of your home.

Examine the Ductwork and Air Vents

Ductwork plays a key role if you are employing a central air conditioning system for your cooling needs. Since the latter is the efficient air conditioning unit for the entire home, a minor mistake can cost you a lot.

So, before summer starts do a detailed check of your ductwork. The same attention must be taken with air vents, which may be blocked causing heat to accumulate indoors.


Most of these steps mentioned above can be done without the help of a professional. But ask for help as there are a good deal of air conditioning maintenance services in London. So now you and your air conditioning unit are ready to face the next summer.

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