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Teaching Your Children about Mythology- When to Be Careful?

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Credit: First Moms Club

Most of our childhood is filled with stories from grandma. It mostly comprises Ramayana, Mahabharata, Tales of Ganesha, stories from the Bible, and lots more. But these days, children don’t have much knowledge regarding mythology, be it an issue with nuclear families or parents’ tough schedules. How about getting them enrolled into online kids classes like Yellow Class to get mythological lessons? 

Myth is not all about false stories. Some educators have described that when there’s a story there are chances of the incidents. These stories generally relate to our past. When a child has a clear image of the past world, he can develop ideologies to survive in the present and the future. So, listening to mythological stories should be on your kids activity list.

Mythology has a lot of benefits for your child. Here’s why – 

  1. Knowledge of culture – Mythological lessons teach your child about culture. This means he can understand the society he belongs to, their thoughts and functions. 
  2. Understand the barrier between good and evil – Mythology spreads the information of good triumph over evil. The demons in the story represent the evils of society and the gods represent the heroes, while the other characters represent different traits of humans in society.
  3. Fuel up their imagination – A child needs to have a healthy imagination skill to solve problems efficiently. At various points of life, this education will help your child to come out safely.
  4. Increases curiosity among children – Curiosity is an important trait of a child that awakens his intellect which later helps them to excel in academics and sports.
  5. It puts a special emphasis on female power – This strengthens female empowerment in our male dominant society and teaches a child from their early stages to respect women. This prevents several social mishaps against women.

But, there are certain things that you must remember while giving mythological lessons to your child. Like,

  • The stories must not create children’s fear.
  • It must not give a positive response towards evil ideas.
  • Those stories shouldn’t discriminate between beautiful and ugly characters.
  • Don’t develop too many superstitions in your child.
  • Your child shouldn’t worship false gods. 
  • Make sure he knows the society he belongs to, before knowing the World.

Online hobby classes these days not only offer lessons for dancing, drawing, singing, but also storytelling, mythological lessons, calligraphy, yoga, and such, have become a part. Only formal education gained from different schools and colleges is not sufficient for your child. These mythological stories can help your child to develop their personality and grow moral values. They can be exposed to different cultures and several issues in society. Give them a better understanding of society and discriminate good from evil, at an early stage, so that they can develop into good human beings in the future.