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The Best in Custom Homes and Office Building Trends

4 min read

These are the trends you want to know before you decide on your 2021 designs.

Eco-Friendly Design


One of the best and most important leading trends in home and commercial building design is a new awareness for a need to be more sensitive to the environment. Modern architecture, especially, embraces the use of a variety of materials, many of which can be chosen for their simplicity and their ability to either be recycled or biodegradable. Today, in architecture, from earth houses to metal retail stores, eco-friendly designs are proving to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and even profitable.

Prefab Structures

Prefab structures, which are sometimes called metal or wood building kits, come with all of the materials needed to build the structure. The directions are simple to follow and do not require hiring outside labor to be erected. These types of structures are easy to frame out in any style or interior design that you would like from a warehouse building to a multi-story family home. Prefab structures are significantly less expensive than traditional buildings.

Redesigning and Repurposing

One of the most popular options in design these days is repurposing or redesigning. This is a great way to be more environmentally savvy because you are reusing instead of throwing away and opting for new. Not only that, but this option will likely save you money in almost every case and often any upgrades you are making will pay for themselves in time.


When you think of repurposing, think of an abandoned church, shut down factory or even shipping container as part of the frame of a new home.

Health Conscious Design

There are aspects in how our homes are built and designed that can have dramatic effects on our overall and general health and well-being. Paints often contain synthetic materials and chemical additives, as do products made from composition wood. Some of the ways to build healthier involve finding alternatives for materials such as plastics, laminates, and fume-producing glues.

Disaster Resistant Building Design

With every passing natural disaster, we learn to be more prepared. Building design is no different. There are options in design and materials that can make for far safer hoes and building. With new innovative technologies and design concepts, homes can be built to be resistant to things such as: fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Flexible Floor Plans

Things move fast and a lot is changing. Families grow and so do businesses. We repurpose rooms and add members of our staff and families. The only way to compensate for this in building design is to use moveable partitions so that a dedicated room can be changed or resized when needed. This will also allow you to add specialized bonus spaces such as second kitchens, mud rooms and pantries.


A common concept being used today is universal design. That means that a feature can be used by anyone, regardless of the kind of physical limitations that a person might have. This might mean a lack of higher door knobs and handles or wider hallways which easily and seamlessly flow into rooms. This will allow for far more living options as people age, children are born or a random injury occurs.

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are a great way to add space. They can range from fairly simple and inexpensive to really elaborate! These rooms can be more elaborate decks and patios or they can be full platform rooms that have full kitchens or entertainment spaces. On the commercial side these can include a second building for churches or community centers as well as schools looking to house an additional class. These types of outdoor spaces often have eye catching fire or water features as part of their decor.

More Storage

Who doesn’t want and need more storage. Whether you are a single person, part of a family, a business owner or an employee, you know that you need more storage. Homes are now using specialized rooms as walk in closets, powder rooms, dressing rooms and playrooms all of which provide extra storage space. You will also find this concept in mud and laundry rooms as well as home workshops. On the commercial side this can encompass anything from specialized storage rooms to adding additional metal buildings for warehouses.

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