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The Best Protein Calculator

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People who lust for a long prosperous life know the importance of consuming enough protein per day to meet the body’s requirements; it aids in the entire body’s maintenance and healthy everyday function. It also helps in the formation & restoration of tissues and the transfer of nutrients.


Protein is needed for various bodily functions and repairing and restoring lean mass (such as muscle). Proteins make up almost every cell in the body, including DNA, red blood cells, and muscles, all of which are constantly broken down and reforming, necessitating proteins and amino acids.


Why do you need a protein calculator?


The best protein calculator determines how much protein individuals regularly need to reach their goals taking into account many individual factors. The AGN Roots Protein Calculator™ is perfect for getting a recommended daily protein intake goal for recognizing differences in end goals and starting points.


The AGN Roots Protein Calculator™, programmed AGN Roots ,is unlike any other online calculator and considers many variables other more universal calculators do not. It is a perfect place to start when it comes to optimizing your macro protein consumption. The calculator is for anybody, no matter your body type or body composition goals. The user plugs in a few data points that include typical activity levels for training and non-training days and in only 45 seconds will have a great place to start in terms of grams per day of protein intake.


How much protein do you need?


Although many dieters believe in the “bigger is better” mantra when it comes to protein serving sizes and consumption, science tells us otherwise. The human body prefers smaller amounts of protein delivered more often and consistently throughout the day than one large amount instantly.  So, how much protein do you consume daily and in how many meals? It’s crucial to understand that everybody is unique and trying to achieve their own goals; this is why having the best protein calculator is valuable.

Experts AGN Roots believe that utilizing several protein sources is also incredibly valuable to your nutrition and health. For dairy protein, especially grass-fed whey protein, limiting the consumption to no more than 35% of your total intake is recommended. If the result of your protein calculation yields a daily goal of 100 grams of protein per day, AGN Roots suggest getting 35 grams from a dairy protein supplement like Irish grass-fed whey protein. The remaining daily protein quantities can be from any other source, preferably plants that contain phytonutrients and limited fats. Making a smoothie rich in many proteins is also a great idea; this also includes the best whey protein smoothie recipes containing ingredients like bee pollen and peanut butter.


Which foods are high in protein?


Foods with high percentages of protein include meat, fish, egg, dairy product, plants, corn, nuts & seed. Whey protein powder extracted from milk is also rich in protein. Weightlifters and athletes looking to gain body strength use whey protein powder to nourish their muscle mass.

You can get a rich amount of protein daily by making a smoothie using any whey protein smoothie recipesUsing one of the best protein calculators from AGN Roots will help you dial in specifics around your protein consumption.