The Role of Cereal Boxes Color on Product Expectations

Over the years, several suggestions from packaging experts have suggested that changing the color of the custom cereal box influenced consumers’ perception of the taste/flavor of the contents. A change in the color of the cereal boxes leads so many consumers to experience the taste of the presumably familiar-tasting product differently.


One thing to note is that when the consumers put cereal from a custom cereal box, the only visual cue they have available to them is the color of the cereal boxes. Hence, it can be said that the packaging color can have a more pronounced influence on taste/flavor perception.


Recently, a laboratory-based study was conducted. Their participants evaluated the apparent healthiness and sweetness of breakfast custom cereal boxes wholesale presented in blue, green, and red packaging. Each participant rated a total of 4 different exemplars of product packaging. The study concluded that the consumers expected the cereal packed in red custom cereal boxes wholesale to taste sweeter. They also expected the cereal to be less healthy than the cereal packed in blue or green custom printed cereal boxes. However, a point that must not be ignored here is that this study only assessed taste expectations triggered by the custom cereal boxes.


The Packaging Republic believes that differences in expected product attributes do not always influence the consumer’s experience of tasting the product. The color of custom printed cereal boxes induces certain flavor expectations. Eating is a multisensory experience. The experts believe that the shape, smell, and color of cereal or other food products. Even the custom cereal box design, the setting in which it is eaten, can affect how the product tastes. Food packaged in red is associated with a sweet taste and orange or light green boxes with sour. These product taste associations can also vary with the product category. For instance, consumers expect beverages wrapped in green to have a lemon or lime flavor, while sweets wrapped in the same color are expected to have a mint flavor.


Themed Custom Cereal Box Design can Cause Nostalgia!


No one can deny that emotions come into play when people make choices. They may think they are 100 percent rational and analytical, but emotions always play a role. The custom cereal box design that a favorite Christmas treat during your childhood can be enough to cause you to choose a customized packaging box off the shelf even though you are a grown adult. Nostalgic or themed custom-made food packaging boxes designs tap into emotions. When that emotional bond is elicited at the point of purchase, it is hard for the consumers to resist if they had a positive connection to the particular brand at one time. Therefore it is wise to create your own cereal box with themed holiday or other festival design to trigger instant sales.


Tactile Surface Patterns Affect How Well You Like a Product

. Packaging boxes with a tactile appeal can substantially differentiate sales in a competitive sector where differentiation from competitors can be a fierce battle.  3D-printed surface patterns also affect the perceived taste attributes of food products. Researchers concluded that 3D-printed surface patterns should be “congruent” and that these patterns can reinforce product evaluations among consumers.





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