You might have many options when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning company for your home or enterprise. It is essential to consider the various forms of carpet cleaning methods used by different firms to work for your carpet.


Carpet cleaning is essential for safe living in your home or office. It is vital to understand the various methods available in the market for carpet cleaning. Below are the two best ways of carpet cleaning that help to provide a healthy cleaning. Read further to know more about them.




Hot water extraction in Georgia uses high-pressured hot water to agitate the carpet fibers and remove debris from them.


Hot water extraction usually involves applying a cleaning agent to the soiled surface, agitating the carpet with a brush followed by rinsing. After that, allowing the cleaning agent to settle in the carpet for a brief period. The rug can be washed with cleaning equipment to scrub the cleaning agent before it gets dry.


An average sized carpeted office of 2500 square feet takes about 2 hours to clean and at least 4 hours to dry. However, new carpet cleaning techniques in the market allow users to use the carpet within an hour after cleaning. With hot water extraction in Georgia, users have a deep cleaning, and they can use the carpet as early as possible.


Another method is helpful and known for its less drying time, and that is ‘dry carpet cleaning.’ Let us see the second-best way of carpet cleaning.




Dry carpet cleaning services in Georgia, also known as compound cleaning, is a new cleaning technology that has achieved popularity and recognition from leading carpet manufacturers. Due to its efficient cleaning efficiency and simplicity, it does not require drying time.


The cleaning compound is applied on the carpet using a counter spinning brush machine. It helps to loosen up the carpet fiber to cause the mixture to lodge inside it, which results in extensive deep cleaning.


Cleaning compounds are usually made of biodegradable materials that act like micro-sponges. These micro-sponges absorb the dissolved debris from the carpet to make it look cleaner and healthy.

Dry carpet cleaning is appropriate for all forms of carpet and is suggested for commercial offices that must run 24 hours a day. Therefore, office operations are not interrupted during the carpet cleaning process.




Both the carpet-cleaning methods are the best solution when it comes to extracting mold from carpets. It is best if professionals do the cleaning and drying, as they have the required tools and expertise in that area. You can look for dry carpet cleaning services companies in Georgia for having your carpets cleaned and look amazing.



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