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Things To Consider while Developing Laundry App

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laundry app service

Everything is a business if one sees it from the entrepreneurial eye. Any new business emerges out of customers’ needs and demands. In this post we are going to read more about laundry app development serviceand things to consider while developing a laundry app. People are always on a look out for solutions that make their lives much easy and simpler. Be it booking a cab, ordering groceries, ordering medicines, ordering food, everything is accessible within a few clicks through the app. Every service has its own dedicated app. So, why not have a dedicated app for laundry services? An app which would pick up, wash, dry clean and deliver your clothes at your footstep. This would give people an opportunity to get rid of doing their laundry and invest their time on other productive work.

Why invest in developing a laundry app?

The demand for laundry service apps is increasing especially from the millennial population. Studies revealed that millennials do not wish to invest their time in doing household chores as they find them monotonous and boring. Demand for apps offering services to the household have received tremendous popularity. Apart from this, the market for laundry service seems to be growing in a positive way. So, investing in a laundry app is always a good option.

Functioning of the app

The three main parties involved in laundry service are the user, the rinser and the delivery personnel.Now, let us get an idea on the functioning of laundry service app-


The customer will log in to the app and place an order for laundry. They can schedule time for pick up and drop off, along with giving specifications for wash.

Delivery Personnel

The delivery personnel collects the laundry as per the scheduled time. Once the rinser is done with the laundry, he calls the delivery personnel and they collect the clean clothes and deliver them back to the customers.

The Rinser

After the customer places the order, the rinser confirms it. Once the laundry gets delivered to him, he will wash, dry and iron the clothes and send them back to the customer through the delivery personnel.

Features to focus on while developing a laundry app

In order to run a successful business, you need to focus on the following features that would give your app an edge compared to other laundry apps in the market. There are four main components that should be focused in your laundry service app if you are an aggregator- Customer, Laundry owner, Delivery Person, Admin panel. If you are a laundry owner, you might only need three components excluding the admin panel. Now let us focus on the features one by one-

Features for the Customer

The customer should be able to login easily with his basic details or any social media platform. Once they login, there should be a search option to look for any particular laundry service nearby. They should be able to schedule their pick up and drop off. The app should enable the customer to track the delivery person and give them updates about their laundry. Along with this, there should be an option to click pictures of stains through the app and give specifications to the laundry owner.

Laundry Owner

The laundry owner needs to put in their details, timings, name of the laundry, address, services they offer and the cost for every service. He should have access to order details of the customer. These detail;s include information about the fabric, number of clothes and customer address. The laundry owner should get to choose whether to accept a particular order or not. They should be able to track the delivery person as this would help them if the delivery person reaches the wrong destination. The app should also allow the owner to manage his earnings.

Delivery Person

The delivery person should register himself in the app. When a customer places any order, there should be an option for the delivery person to either accept the order or decline it according to his availability. There should be an app tracking system and navigation to help him reach the customer’s address and the laundry place. Along with this, there should be a feature that would record the history of all deliveries he has made until then and his aggregate earnings.

Admin Panel

The admin should get access to all the orders when they are placed. This helps in assigning the orders to other delivery persons and laundry service in case the opted one rejects. He should be able to access all the information about the drivers and the laundry service providers. The admin needs to do a proper profile check before accepting their profile request. Also, he should be able to contact them in case he wants to convey something. The admin should be able to the earnings of the laundries and drivers to charge commission from them. He can take this commission and decide on payment for the delivery person and laundries according to the services they offered.


Read more about laundry app development service and select the right app meeting your business goals beforegetting into the business.



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