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Things to remember when hiring a digital marketing agency in 2021

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digital marketing agency Singapore company

Over the years, it has been shown that seeking the right match is one of the most critical partnerships. Even if it seems appealing to you as a consumer to find the biggest, most well-known digital marketing agency Singapore company, if you are not in their sweet spot, your campaign might fail where another agency’s campaign might have succeeded. We’ve identified six main factors that determine whether clients and agencies are a good fit.

#1 Plan vs. execution

Some digital marketing agency Singapore firms enjoy researching, preparing, and strategizing for their clients, but their work ends there. This community can be extremely valuable, but if you lack the ability to execute, all the pretty reports in the world won’t help you move the campaign forward.


On the other hand, some organizations focus on implementation but are lacking in the policy and planning aspects of a campaign. This might be just what you’re looking for if you’re a seasoned digital marketer looking to break new ground for your business.

#2 Agency size

There are fantastic digital marketing agency Singapore firms with just two employees and fantastic agencies with 200 employees. There is no answer, either correct or incorrect. However, the size of the department can vary with the specifications.


If you work with the right small organization, you might have direct access to the most experienced executive. This, however, can come at a high price. Why pay more for something that a mid-level marketer can do just as well as a top executive?


Large agencies can offer stability as well as a wide range of resources, including video, analytics, and web development. They often employ good procedures. However, this can lead to inflexibility and make dealing with it more difficult.

#3 Work experience in the industry

Finding an eCommerce platform Singapore with experience in the industry is important. In addition, there is a digital marketing agency Singapore agency that focuses on particular sectors. We’ve always taken a broad approach, believing that it helps us to learn and broaden our skills beyond a single industry.


Though finding an agency with experience selling online life coaching may be challenging, many eCommerce platform Singapore websites have experience driving traffic to a registration page.

#4 Services and abilities

Being a digital marketing agency Singapore can mean a lot of different things. Some digital marketing firms specialize in a single service, such as SEO or reputation management, while others offer a wide range of options. We can not automatically presume that a company that only offers one service is superior to one that offers multiple services. 


Depending on your needs, having a highly specialized agency could be the right solution for you if you have covered all other aspects of your digital marketing. However, since the eCommerce platform Singapore site intersects and overlaps, it’s important to make sure the agency you hire understands this and can help you optimize all of your platforms.

#5 Communication & Reporting

Despite the fact that reporting and communication are such an essential component of a successful relationship, only about 30% of prospective clients ask about it. The pace at which the eCommerce platform Singapore publishes reports, as well as the format in which they publish them, varies greatly. Some organizations often put limitations on how often you can communicate with them. We collaborate and report in a very versatile manner based on the needs of our clients.

#6 Pricing

Setting a budget for any digital marketing campaign or eCommerce platform Singapore website can be challenging. You could meet with two SEO agencies to request the same services, with one agency offering a budget of $500 per month and the other $5,000 per month. There are agencies with different pricing models in addition to wild pricing variants. Most businesses operate on a retainer model, in which you pay a monthly fee, but some work on a benefits model, in which you only pay for results. Either of those pricing models could be better for you than the other, depending on your organization and where you are in the process.


We are sure that there are several other points that could be added to this list, but based on our experience working with hundreds of businesses over the years, these are some of the most important things to consider when looking for the right agency for your project.


If you have any questions or would like us to look at where you are and where you want to go, you can check out Digital Solutions. Digital Solutions is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore so, visit our website for more information.


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