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Tips to Keep Tree Healthy After It Lightning Hits It

4 min read

Millions of lightning strike all around the world every day and as we speak now, thousands of them taking place just so. No matter how big or small, long or short it is, each bright bolt is equal to a threat, and trees aren’t safe from it any time since they stand out there always. This is why it has been seen that these loving treasured plants have been suffering from it now and then.


But then the question comes to our mind, how can we take care of those trees that were partially hit by lightning during the windy storm. To take such calculative measures, you can take help from tree services Sydney who will provide you with world-class service and advice with their professional experts. This way you can take ample care of all the victims of your yard, taking them away from their damage.


You see that large trees get struck by lightning every year. Initially, you can notice a couple of dead branches, after a few months of waiting only fewer leaves grow there, and just when you thought of cutting it down because it looked dead, the right maintenance can do the trick for you.

Although, most of the time lightning deals a great impact on the trees that the only option left is to get it removed with the tree experts.


But with the right tree care, let’s see how you can revive them with a new life:


Your truck got struck by lightning, what are the next steps?


The first thing you have to check is whether there are any hanging or broken branches from the trees, if yes, then get rid of them as soon as possible. Do not try by yourself if you see that the branches are too large to be handled by yourself and get in touch with tree services’ experts.


Once the lightning hits it, a thorough inspection is also required that will allow you to get the idea of whether the tree will remain lively or has to be removed with all hopes gone. This is why getting in touch in the next few steps is advisable.


Signs showing your tree was struck by lightning:


The tough part here with the lightning damage is that it comes in very subtle that you won’t be able to notice it easily. This is because the strike point of the lightning is inside the tree where it targets a layer underneath the bark, impossible to spot with naked eyes.


This is because the same tree would look completely unharmed for days or even weeks before slowly getting ripped off on its health.Apart from this, you might spot cases where the lightning has struck the outer damage instead of the inner. In that case, you can determine the case with this:


  • Lit or crack running down the tree’s trunk
  • Chunks of bark coming off the tree
  • Wilted or sparse leave all around canopy
  • Bark shows burned or blackened areas


Will my tree die after lightning struck it?


It is not a sure shot! Some trees have amazing overcoming capabilities after being struck while some big tree just collapses! However, the thriving of your tree is based on a lot of key factors such as the location, previous health, age, and what species it is?


And dying isn’t the only thing in the book here, since your tree might take severe damage without facing any consequences that may lead up to its death. This damage will be further harmful to your tree since it leaves an open area for insects or pathogens to enter and attack the vital parts of the tree which makes it weaken eventually.


Can I provide my trees protection from lightning strikes?


So far, providing your tree with a lightning protection system is the best thing you can provide against harmful bolts. With this system, you would be able to divert the lightning away from the tree through a different path and directly to the ground. However, keep in mind that no system is foolproof and you have to consult the experts from tree services Sydney before any such installation.


Grind a stump or remove it?


Both the cases provide you with their pros and cons and choosing any of them is dependent on the owner how they will be treating their landscape in near future. However, removing the stump is a daunting task among the two since here the bulky tree stump has to be removed completely from the ground along with its roots.


This consumes a whole lot of time, effort, elbow greasing, and heavy machinery to get the job done. But the benefit here is that once you remove the stump, you will have a clean slate left in your landscape to bring new stuff.