Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer – Tips

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Even if you’re a vigilant driver and always take precautions to avoid accidents, you might still get injured due to someone else’s fault. It is easier to ignore minor cuts and scratches but some personal injuries can be devastating and life-changing. Auto accidents or slip-and-fall injuries sometimes lead to severe pain and health issues. Dealing with major injuries not only costs hundreds of dollars in medical care but may also reduce your working capabilities. Often the result of accidents is much more than just physical injuries. Besides financial hardships due to medical bills and missed time from work, the injuries also cause mental suffering. Even if nobody can compensate for the emotional pain, filing a personal injury lawsuit can ease the financial burden that comes with injuries.

When injured in an accident, you need to first ensure that another person, organization, or business is responsible for your physical harm. This injury can be a result of medical malpractice, auto crash, slippery mall floor, unleveled stairs, neighbor’s dog bite, or defective product. Once you decide to seek legal remedy, the next step is finding a certified personal injury lawyer. Even if plenty of information is available online, representing yourself in court is not the right thing to do.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Some injury victims believe that with all the details available at their fingertips, hiring a lawyer is a waste of money. But legal matters are complicated and not the same as DIY home improvement projects that you can handle with tutorial videos. You may find some tools like a settlement calculator to get an approx idea of your claim value but building a strong case requires professional knowledge and experience. With that in mind, here are some great benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the process and move forward.

  1. Calculate Accurate Value of Your Claim

Only professionals know how to calculate the value of your claim to ensure that you get fair compensation for your loss. To estimate the worth of your claim, the attorney will consider several factors.  A DIY calculation may result in over-estimation or under-valuation. Overestimating the value could derail the settlement process. On the other hand, under-valuation means you get less than what you deserve. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer will collect all your medical bills, ongoing and future treatment needs, missed hours of work, wage loss, emotional pain, and more to accurately determine the value of your claim. Your attorney will consider every possible loss such as loss of income, including bonuses, commissions, and lowered working capacity, as well as depression, and more.

  1. Settlement Negotiations

Even if you have calculated a fair value of your claim, it can be tricky to negotiate the settlement with the at-fault party. Only professional lawyers know the best tactics to navigate the insurance settlement process. With an expert by your side, the defendant’s lawyer may offer you too little compensation or delay the process, and may even deny a valid claim. But your lawyer will gather all possible evidence and use their expertise to ensure that you get what you deserve even without going to trial. Besides negotiating a fair settlement, the attorney will also handle other complex legal tasks such as filling the form.

  1. Represent You in the Court

When you file a case through a lawyer, the opposite party will know that you can go to trial. Facing the judge and jury requires legal expertise. With a lawyer by your side, the insurance company will have the impression that they can’t force you for an unfair settlement. If you’re not satisfied with the settlement offer, a qualified lawyer will present your case in court to seek a reasonable compensation amount.