Top 5 Best Hybrid Trade Show Platforms

Top 5 Best Hybrid Trade Show Platforms

The world is experiencing a stage where people have restricted themselves to stay back at home until the following announcement of covid-19 guidelines. Even though things might take time to get around the way it was, a little liberty has been granted to a few countries. This enabled them to hop back on the ground to perform their day-to-day task in person. This also focuses on following all the safety majors, like maintaining the social distance, wearing a mask, sanitisation, and avoiding careless behaviour.


While people have started living their everyday lifestyle, a few countries are still pursuing a strict lockdown, so gathering in public is prohibited. With the emergence of digital gatherings, it became easier and simpler to connect with people from any part of the world, even at such traumatising times. This brought rise to the word ‘Hybrid’ & ‘Virtual’.


Hybrid &Virtual events are a perfect combination of online and in-person components. People who cannot attend an event can now join in any event from their home comfort. The same goes for people living near the venue location. They can either choose to attend the event in person or attend it virtually.


Hybrid events are becoming the new evolutionary outcome in the event industry, and people from different business backgrounds have started considering taking their affairs in a mixed format. One such hybrid format that has dramatically impacted people is trade shows.


Businesses have started organising their trade shows and exhibitions over a hybrid event platform to collect various aspects. Attendees walk into the area, meet the exhibitors, interchange knowledge, and network with them. Both the attendees and exhibitors found trade shows decent and worth time investing.


However, finding the right hybrid trade show platform for your event can be exhausting as the internet is flooded with different media. In such a case, it becomes even more critical to choose the right platform that completely fits your needs. To curate a successful trade show, you need an experienced hybrid event platform, and this article will help you find one!


In this particular blog, we have mentioned the top 5 hybrid trade show platforms that will help you carry forward your exhibition to the next level! Read on to know more!



  1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is an all-in-one virtual hybrid trade show platform. The platform offers exuberant exposure and sales opportunities to curate a successful hybrid trade show. It enables its attendees to boost engagement, create buzz, generate qualified leads/sales without perplexing your event experience.


The platform also claims unique and interactive features, such as chat rooms, live chats, live webinars or on-demand webinars, 1:1 or group video calls, Q&A sessions, lucky draws, webcasts, and much more.


The platform also provides personalisation alongside powerful customisation options that enable virtual organisers to host shows and exhibitions that match their personal needs. The phenomenal functionality makes hybrid trade show events easy to manage and arrange, whereas their detailed feedback and analytics metrics deliver better ROI. The platform also provides 24*7 superior customer and tech support for a seamless user journey.


Some key insights what Dreamcast offers!


Brilliant Sponsorship Opportunity


There are many brilliant advantages of sponsoring your hybrid trade show booth for the organisers and attendees seeking brand recognition and lead generation opportunities.


Event organisers must provide sponsorship capabilities for sponsors to get a fair return on their investment. Even with gamification, conventional virtual event platforms show that traction for virtual sponsorship booths is limited.


Stimulate a real-world event with a lot of interactions with the help of Dreamcast. A virtually designed platform with multiple popular real-world venues.


Attendees can see if your booth is busy, thus saving them some valuable time, which is one of the exciting features offered by the platform. Attendees are usually attracted to eye-catching and appealing booths.


Virtual stages & breakout sessions


Imagine you’re attending a live performance. As the performance commences naturally, you go to the table you feel comfortable with, and gradually, you are greeted by event guests. As the keynote address begins, people surrounding you are presented during the debate every once in a while.

Dreamcast replicates this exact scenario. You can walk to the main stage on the Dreamcast platform, tap on a panel, and then choose between two options:


Upon choosing the second option, it is possible to be engaged in some other event attendee and lead to settings. You may use the camera and microphone to interact with the individual opposite to you. This replicates the in-person event experience. During a traditional event, you may engage in various activities as the audience must stay diverted throughout the event, especially in virtual events. Essentially Dreamcast will help you simulate an experience similar to traditional events.


Hybrid Event Capabilities.


Dreamcast will assist you in hosting your event by setting up the in-person venue digitally and that too in your budget. Thus, the virtual audience can also work around the same platform as the in-person audience. This will ensure interaction between the virtual and in-person audience. This interaction is one of the main attributes of a hybrid event.


Dreamcast offers specific stands just like in-person. Essentially, your in-person attendees can attend these clear stands, such as a coffee stand, and interact with the virtual attendees via camera and microphone present at the stand. A similar frame will also be displayed at the other attendee’s end. This feature allows both the type of attendees to interact with each other while also providing an exquisite experience. Dreamcast is distinctive within the market that the individuals haven’t fully fledged yet. The knowledge they will receive from such an event will be shared several times.


  1. BigMarker

BigMarker provides essential tools and services required to host a successful event virtually. When hosting a virtual event or a hybrid event, the virtual component can be relied upon by BigMarker. Some of the features provided by the platform include:

Unlimited Personalisation. The platform focuses on maximising imagination and incorporating creative ideas into the Platform to Enhance attendee’s engagement. Customisable lobbies and intuitive virtual spaces are some of the vital areas of the forum.


The platform also claims to provide insightful Analytics; thus, the hosts can evaluate their events and use the valuable data recorded for future events. Any platform with inaccurate and inefficient Analytics is not recommended as they are one of the most crucial features to improve the overall event.


The platform claims to provide more than 50 features that will help to keep the audience engaged. Apart from the features mentioned above, they also offer effortless Networking, interactive sessions and activity Leaderboards.


  1. Samaaro. 

Samaaro offers a versatile virtual platform that has been leveraged by multiple international as well as local corporations. Samaaro proves to be sustainable and holds the potential for scaling the event virtually. The outlet claims the following features:


A cost-effective virtual component. The event is expected to have reasonable expenses, significantly lower than in-person events, while also ensuring a boost in ROI.


Virtual events have the potential to scale millions of attendees across the globe. The platform is rising rapidly, permitting the host to leverage tools as many times as desired.


Audience engagement is one of the primary aims of any event platform. Samaaro assures security and privacy of data. Participants can easily explore the activities and tasks around the event without hesitation and insecurity related to their data.


One of the main features of a virtual event platform is Analytics, which can record and track the attendee’s action. It may reveal some valuable information that you can leverage for future events.


  1. Accelevents. 

Accelevents offers interactive virtual experience and claims to be more, if not as effective as, traditional events. Content is broadcasted in high quality while also offering enterprise-grade solutions.


Accelevents virtual platform offers a high level of customisation with infinite designs to make your event unique and appealing. Along with plans, the platform also claims to increase the reach. The platform enables you to broadcast your events from any part of the world, and hence having a more extensive space is one of the main features of a virtual event platform.


The platform acknowledges the needs of hosts as they are aware that planning for an event or fundraiser can be stressful. Hence, they provide a 24×7 live customer service to satisfy the attendee’s queries and answer related questions. The customer service starts before the event commences and stays online well after the event has concluded.


  1. Hubilo. 


Hubilo is helping organisations across the world reimagine the future of events and navigate an emerging event landscape. Hubilo makes it possible for organisations to provide an engaging & interactive event experience to their global audience and transform the way people connect, interact and host events. Hubilo will become the central system of records for the event industry and unlock tremendous insights and value from their event by tracking interactions and engagement metrics across attendees, sponsors, organisers, and speakers.


Over to you

All in all, trade shows are undoubtedly becoming more and more popular in the new normal. Now you can host a massive hybrid trade show with the help of our top picked platforms that will help you take your event to the next level seamlessly!


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