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Top cloud that you should consider to digitally transform your organization

5 min read

Today is the world of cloud. Take a good look around you, and you will come to know that you are surrounded by cloud technology. Or maybe you are surrounded by cloud aided solutions. Cloud hosting is the necessity of today’s world. Cloud is a great innovative in comparison to other services in the market. It can be the right choice by almost any type of organization. It is a very useful piece of tech for a lot of companies. You can use Cloud in almost every industry type, it’s just you have to know which cloud service provider is best for your business: AWS or Google Cloud or Azure.

There is a famous saying that to survive you need to adapt to your surrounding environment. IT is a sector where technology represents environment in our example, changes constantly. To save your business from falling down or to save your business from ending, you need to adapt. And to adapt means you need to change yourself according to the needs of the modern market and deliver and operate according to the market. Doing so will let you float in the market with a good amount of buoyancy.

To make your switch form normal way of doing business to a digital way you need to start thinking digitally. You need solution for each and every type of problem that you encounter. With this kind of approach in mind, you surely will get success.

There are a lot of ways by which cloud solutions will help you to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. And even then you case might vary due to your specific needs or case orientation. So to make it simple and easy to understand for you we have here top cloud solutions that will benefit you much more than anything else.

Public Cloud

As in the name this is a public version of the cloud solution. Simply put if you get cloud with it you will get a wide variety of choice of services such as application resources and other resources. These services will get deliver to you through online medium for you to consume and use as your will.

There are a lot of providers for these services but there are some of them like Azure and AWS which are currently most arguably the best in the market. These will provide you services which will help you instantly scale your needs in a blink on an eye. And moreover they have a global reach as well. This will drastically improve your work.

Private Cloud

Just opposite to the public cloud solution there is private cloud solution. Whereas cloud service providers are well known and provide their services to everyone, in private cloud solutions they can be famous providers or not. Some people tend to go with famous providers and others prefer to go on their own or some local vendor or service provider.

Most of the cloud solutions are made to be application centric cloud solutions. Overall these solutions are combinations of Windows server, Hyper V and System center. These private clouds are very good at work and provide enterprise level virtualization and end to end service management etc.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is arguably the most common form of a cloud that is working in most of organizations today. It essentially is the combination of public cloud solutions and private cloud solutions. This gives its users the best of the both worlds.

Hybrid is well known in the market and also established as the go-to for any mid-class business. Hybrid helps the organization in ways such as optimizing the assets and also increasing stability with resource availability. In simple terms hybrid is on top of both the public and the private solution.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Using mobile phones has become necessity of today’s world. The digital world is shifting from desktops and other large systems to hand friendly mobile phones. And because of the huge change of digital era of being mobile-friendly organization more prefers to move on the path of mobile digital transformation.

As mobile phones are always in the hands of employees they are becoming an important part of internal communication in the organization. According to a research, this type of digital transformation increases the productivity among the employees as they can easily perform their working operations from any corner of the world without time restrictions.

Enterprise mobility suites provides a business to increase the productivity by saving employees time, they help in preventing unauthorized access and works as an early warning system for threats, it comes with strong control features too.

Business Productivity Suite

Employees are the key assets for the organization. An organization can only transform into digital workspace if they have support of their employees. A company should have more advanced tools to increase their employees’ productivity. A modern tool helps you to stay in connect with the employees regardless time zones and locations.

A tool like Microsoft office 365 offers advanced features for team work and builds productivity.


In a conclusion, we can definitely say that cloud is very useful for almost every type of organization. There are a lot of organizations in the market using cloud solutions for different uses. Cloud is a very useful and utilitarian solution for a wide variety of problems that arrive in real life of people.

There are some of the solutions available for the cloud such as public cloud solution which helps you to use a public cloud solution. Or if you want yourself a private cloud solution. So that you can store your files and resources privately, there is also a solution for you.

This solution is called private cloud. And then there are some organizations in the market which want both the benefit of public or private cloud solutions. So for them there is hybrid cloud solution.

And to increase your business productivity by helping your employees and getting they understand the latest tech better. Then there is different type of business productivity suite available for you offer by different organizations. There is also some business mobility suites which will help you boost up the production of your full enterprise by enterprise oriented suites.