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Top pharma franchise companies in India

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Looking at the current scenario of the market in India, we would think twice before starting any solo business ventures. Rather a smarter way that is trending recently is to opt for franchising their products. A Franchise is an Anglo-French word that means liberty. Liberty or Freedom from time, money, works, etc.

Pharma Franchise Companies in India is known as the spine or the backbone of the pharmaceutical industries in India. Many such as triumph over the monopoly of the big Pharma companies, creating supply chains in the country, eventually leads to better prospects.

Pharma Franchise means permission or an authorization approved by the government or a council having rights, to a group or an individual who are qualified to carry out precise commercial activities as an agent in the market, who can promote or sell the company’s products. Such type of agreements provides an extra income to these Pharma companies.

PCD Pharma franchise concept is comparatively new in the Indian marketTo simplify, PCD means Propaganda Cum Distribution. This terminology is generally used in the pharmaceutical industry. PCD franchise is an approval given by the pharmaceutical company to carry out the company’s products, proprietary knowledge, patents, trademarks, and other terms and conditions between both companies. There are various Pharma franchise companies in India; lets’ discuss all of them in brief:

Tesni Pharma: 

Tesni Pharma is highly reputed in the pharmaceutical market based on its capabilities to create, distribute, and supply a wide range of Pharma products.

Tesni Pharma assists and guides its clients in myriad ways from delivering the best products, providing quality services, and many other customized ways. Tesni Pharma maintains complete operational transparency and provides tools for sales enhancements such as

– Catch covers,

– Diaries,

– Calendars,

– Product brochures and a huge range of gifts.

So, we can say that Tesni Pharmaceuticals provides PCD Pharma Franchises all over India.

Irene Pharma: 

Irene Pharma maintains a high-status PCD Pharma sector is the leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Ahmedabad which focuses on maintaining the quality of each product that they manufacture in-house. They send medicines to the domestic markets only after testing and quality assurance. Irene Pharma deals with producing pharmaceutical, nutraceutical products, and ayurvedic-based products. The list of the best products they offer is as below: 

– Vitamins

– Herbal

– Sachets

– Injectable

– Food Supplements’

– Ointments

– Soaps

– Cardiac and Diabetic Products etc

So, Irene Pharma having a rich experience in Pharma Sector is a trusted Pharmaceutical all over India.

RX Biotech:

RX Biotech being a Delhi-based Pharma Franchise Company in India is a one-stop solution provider for the Pharma items and establishment showcasing that offers monopoly rights to the best Pharma items for PCD Pharma organizations financially at comparatively lower rates. The product list of RX Biotech is as below:

– Anti Bacterial

– Gastro

– Gynecology Products

– Dental

– Protein products

– Pediatric Division

– Cold and Allergy products etc

So, we can say that RX Biotech keeps on making difference significantly to the Pharmaceutical Industry but serving cost-effective products.

Fossil Remedies:

Fossil Remedies is among the top Pharma Franchise Company in India having headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. Apart from top-quality medical products fossil remedies also offer quality packaging in laminated and waterproof sealed packets ensuring the safety of the products and due to their packaging, they can cater to a huge client base across India. Some of the best products offered by fossil remedies are as follows:

– Anti Bacterial

– Anti acidic and gastro

– Soaps

– Ointments

– Skin and dental products

– Other products

So working with fossil remedies is much desirable as it also offers franchises and distributorships to all the relevant and interested parties.

Cubit Healthcare

Cubit Healthcare being a leading player in the franchise business in India has an important brand name in the PCD Pharma Franchise sector. Its mission is to provide high-quality patient care and effective communication. They always welcome distributors and franchisers to expand their business with a wide range of quality products. The product range of Cubit Healthcare is 350 + products and some products are as mentioned:

– Skin ointments

– Anti Bacterial

– Anti-acid and gastro tablets

– Cough and cold syrups for life-threatening diseases

Hence we can say that Cubit Healthcare is well known for its exclusive packaging materials, outstanding product quality, and quicker services.

Progressive Life Care

Progressive Lifecare is among the best 10 driving PCD Pharma Franchise business in India that has had some expertise over 200 life care items. They constantly keep evolving by raising their standards and worth ethics despite some of the most challenging times in the health care sector. Progressive Lifecare stands different from the rest of the PCD Pharma Franchise companies because of its innovations, creations, and efficiency. The product life of Progressive life care is as motioned:

– Anti Bacterial

– Gastro

– Anti Fungal

– Anti-allergic

– Injectable

– Herbal products

– Ointments etc

Hence being a top Pharma Franchise Company they have faith in the implementation of new advances for enhancing their business and operations.

Vibcare Pharma

Vibcare Pharma Pvt Ltd is Chandigarh-based and it is a leading PCD Pharma company in India. It covers all the therapeutic segments Vibcare Pharma provides a wide range of products so if you are looking for PCD Pharma companies you can consider Vibcare Pharma. Their vision is to mark their presence in society by creating a segment for low-cost medicines which is available to everyone. The product list of Vibcare Pharma is as below:

– Tablets

– Capsules

– Pediatric

– Injectable

– Syrups

– Eye drops or ointments

– Protein powders

– Nasal Drops etc

Thus Vibcare Pharma’s main mission is to become a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical company through constant evolution, good ethics, and commitments.


Hence, we hope that from the above article you can now easily choose Top Pharma Franchise Companies in India at your own pace and ease. And it is also important to know that in regards to the pharmaceutical industry, there are two major types of franchise agreements that are prevalent in the Indian market. Amongst the two types, one is the PCD franchise agreement and the other is the Pharma Franchise Agreement.